2001 Season

2001 Scottish Claymores Game by Game

Date Opponent Result Record Attendance
04/21/2001 (Sat) Frankfurt Galaxy W, 24-21 1-0-0 16,387
04/28/2001 (Sat) @ Amsterdam Admirals L, 14-10 1-1-0 12,516
05/06/2001 (Sun) Berlin Thunder W, 28-21 2-1-0 10,419
05/12/2001 (Sat) @ Frankfurt Galaxy L, 27-17 2-2-0 33,437
05/20/2001 (Sun) @ Rhein Fire L, 10-3 2-3-0 30,211
05/27/2001 (Sun) Amsterdam Admirals W, 17-7 3-3-0 15,983
06/02/2001 (Sat) @ Berlin Thunder L, 27-19 3-4-0 8,917
06/10/2001 (Sun) Barcelona Dragons L, 14-9 3-5-0 14,483
06/17/2001 (Sun) @ Barcelona Dragons L, 26-7 3-6-0 10,180
06/23/2001 (Sat) Rhein Fire W, 34-21 4-6-0 12,251

2001 Scottish Claymores Roster

No Surname Firstname Position Height Weight Birth College How Acquired
21 Blenman Rowelle WR 5-10 185 12/03/67 Harper College National England
55 Brooks Jamal LB 6-2 236 09/11/76 Hampton D3-2001
24 Byrd David CB 5-11 193 15/11/77 Syracuse NFL Seahawks
89 Byworth Jason WR 6-3 175 02/06/77 None National England
12 Costello Brad P 6-1 230 12/12/74 Boston College NFL Patriots
81 Couper Scott WR 6-0 170 06/01/70 Strathclyde University National Scotland
38 Cox Renard CB 5-11 188 03/03/78 Maryland D5-2001
74 Dingle Antonio DT 6-2 315 07/10/76 Virginia NFL Panthers
54 Dunlap London LB 6-3 232 10/07/77 Texas Christian NFL Packers
91 Flickenger Robert DE 6-4 245 21/09/71 Georgetown National England
88 Fontana Stevan TE 6-5 242 03/06/78 Northern Arizona D8-2001
57 Foote Montee LB 6-0 252 30/01/77 Hampton D9-01
97 Grant Otis DE 6-6 275 04/04/73 Houston Trade
27 Gray Anthony RB 6-0 228 09/04/78 W New Mexico NFL Eagles
43 Gray Brian CB 6-1 205 10/01/76 Brigham Young FA-01
1 Hall Dante WR 5-8 187 01/09/78 Texas A&M NFL Chiefs
8 Hart Robert K 5-10 171 04/11/74 Murray State National England
2 Hayes Lionel QB 6-2 238 21/06/77 Grambling State D10-2001
51 Hiruma Shingo LB 5-11 225 12/08/74 Tokai University National Japan
13 Holleman Chad K 5-11 200 09/08/76 Georgia NFL Falcons
67 Humphrey Jay T 6-6 313 20/06/76 Texas NFL Vikings
45 Hunt Reggie S 5-11 207 14/10/77 Texas Christian University NFL Chargers
26 Hutchinson Stephen RB 5-11 205 02/12/70 None National England
68 Jacobs John G 6-5 335 01/12/72 Baker NFL Chiefs
65 King Eric C 6-4 305 27/07/75 Richmond NFL Seahawks
66 Mack Kendall T 6-4 322 18/07/75 Auburn NFL Buccaneers
22 McClellion Central DB 5-11 193 15/09/75 Ohio State D3-00
96 Miller Doug DT 6-3 281 12/10/75 Howard NFL Falcons
53 Miller Keith LB 6-1 242 09/07/76 California NFL Rams
19 Mitchell Lonny WR 6-2 205 14/01/77 San Diego State NFL Vikings
56 Nicks Ronnie LB 6-0 240 18/12/77 Notre Dame FA-01
75 Nivens Damon T 6-5 315 19/06/75 Southern D1-2001
7 Ornstein Gus QB 6-5 215 23/11/74 Rowan University NFL Chiefs
52 Ortiz Tony LB 6-0 225 03/07/77 Nebraska D7-2001
85 Palmer Randy TE 6-4 235 12/11/75 Texas A&M Kingsville NFL Buccaneers
84 Perez Joe WR 6-0 202 21/05/77 Murray State NFL Chiefs
44 Renfro Dusty LB 6-0 239 02/11/76 Texas NFL Panthers
72 Robeen Craig T 6-5 305 26/04/77 Indiana FA01
33 Sanders Vaughn RB 5-11 210 19/03/77 Hofstra NFL Dolphins
30 Satomi Kohai DB 5-11 195 20/12/76 Menlo College National Japan
98 Shaw Bryant DE 6-7 287 17/07/78 Mississippi College NFL Cowboys
86 Stephens Leonard TE 6-3 245 09/07/78 Howard NFL Lions
14 Stoerner Clint QB 6-2 210 29/12/77 Arkansas NFL Cowboys
77 Stull Jim T 6-6 318 19/01/77 Delaware D6-2001
28 Terry Nate CB 6-3 184 05/10/76 West Virginia NFL Seahawks
92 Threats Jabbar DE 6-5 279 26/04/75 Michigan State D6-00
50 Tisdale Casey LB 6-4 256 19/06/76 New Mexico NFL Chiefs
99 Ward Chris DE 6-3 274 04/02/74 Kentucky D1-00
61 Watton Chris G 6-2 290 06/10/77 Baylor D2-01
87 Whalen James TE 6-2 228 11/12/77 Kentucky NFL Cowboys
36 Whitfield Eric S 6-0 205 17/01/78 UCLA NFL Redskins
15 Williams Gerald WR 6-3 197 07/10/76 Oklahoma NFL Bears

2001 Scottish Claymores Statistics

Passing Att Cmp Pct Yds Avg Lg TD TD% Int Int% Sack Loss Rating
Clint Stoerner 307 171 55.7 1866 6.08 79t 10 3.3 8 2.6 34 227 73.8
Gus Ornstein 33 18 54.5 157 4.76 19 1 3.0 1 3.0 2 19 64.8
James Whalen 1 1 100.0 18 18.00 18 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 118.8
Brad Costello 1 0 0.0 0 0.00 0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 39.6
TOTALS 342 190 55.6 2041 5.97 79t 11 3.2 9 2.6 36 246 73.0
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD Lg
Anthony Gray 111 445 4.0 2 53
Vaughn Sanders 49 130 2.7 2 12
Clint Stoerner 31 101 3.3 0 18
Stephen Hutchinson 12 48 4.0 0 16
Omar Bacon 10 36 3.6 0 12
Lonny Mitchell 1 13 13.0 0 13
Dante Hall 4 12 3.0 0 25
Gus Ornstein 1 1 1.0 0 1
TOTALS 219 786 3.6 4 53
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD Lg
James Whalen 66 691 10.5 3 47
Dante Hall 34 462 13.6 5 79t
Scott Couper 20 225 11.2 2 28
Gerald Williams 17 189 11.1 1 37
Randy Palmer 13 111 8.5 0 19
Anthony Gray 13 88 6.8 0 17
Corey Allen 12 111 9.2 0 16
Stevan Fontana 5 54 10.8 0 25
Lonny Mitchell 5 46 9.2 0 17
Joe Perez 2 33 16.5 0 20
Clint Stoerner 1 18 18.0 0 18
Omar Bacon 1 8 8.0 0 8
Vaughn Sanders 1 5 5.0 0 5
TOTALS 190 2041 10.7 11 79t
Kickoff Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
Dante Hall 26 635 24.4 0 0 49
Reggie Hunt 9 171 19.0 0 0 38
Nate Terry 1 33 33.0 0 0 33
Anthony Gray 1 9 9.0 0 0 9
Stevan Fontana 1 0 0.0 0 0 0
James Whalen 1 0 0.0 0 0 0
TOTALS 39 848 21.7 0 0 49
Punt Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
Dante Hall 15 177 11.8 14 0 38
Nate Terry 2 12 6.0 2 0 9
Eric Whitfield 1 4 4.0 0 0 4
Central McClellion 1 0 0.0 0 0 0
TOTALS 19 193 10.2 16 0 38
Punting Punts Yds Avg Lg TB In20 Blk Ret Yds Net
Brad Costello 45 1887 41.9 64 5 16 0 27 264 33.8
Don Icsman 10 394 39.4 58 3 2 0 4 48 28.6
TOTALS 55 2281 41.5 64 8 18 0 31 312 32.9
Kicking PAT FG 0-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Lg Pts
Rob Hart 16/16 16/19 0/07/79/110/10/039 64
Chad Holleman 0/0 0/1 0/00/00/00/10/00 0
TOTALS 16/16 16/20 0/0 7/7 9/11 0/2 0/0 39 64
Defense Sacks Loss Ints Yds Avg TDs Lg
Jamal Brooks 1.5 -- 1 0 0.0 0 0
Antonio Dingle 0.5 -- 0 0 0 0 0
London Dunlap 2.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Robert Flickinger 4.5 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Reggie Hunt 0.0 -- 2 0 0.0 0 0
Central McClellion 0.0 -- 1 12 12.0 0 12
Doug Miller 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Keith Miller 2.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Dusty Renfro 1.0 -- 2 29 14.5 0 21
Earl Riley 1.0 -- 1 3 3.0 0 3
Kohei Satomi 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Bryant Shaw 4.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Nate Terry 0.0 -- 1 7 7.0 0 7
Jabbar Threats 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Chris Ward 7.5 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Eric Whitfield 0.0 -- 1 0 0.0 0 0
TOTALS 31.0 0.0 9 51 5.7 0 21

2001 NFL Europe League Standings

Team W L T Pct PF PA Home Away
Barcelona Dragons 8 2 0 .800 252 191 5-0-0 3-2-0
Berlin Thunder 6 4 0 .600 270 239 4-1-0 2-3-0
Rhein Fire 5 5 0 .500 174 179 4-1-0 1-4-0
Amsterdam Admirals 4 6 0 .400 194 226 4-1-0 0-5-0
Scottish Claymores 4 6 0 .400 168 188 4-1-0 0-5-0
Frankfurt Galaxy 3 7 0 .300 199 234 3-2-0 0-5-0

Claymores hold off Galaxy to delight record crowd at Hampden

Scottish Claymores 24, Frankfurt Galaxy 21
Att: 16, 347
THE Claymores held off a dramatic Frankfurt Galaxy rally to delight a record-breaking crowd in Glasgow in the opening game of the NFLEL season.

Clint Stoerner threw for a touchdown on his first play from scrimmage
A crowd of 16,347 the highest for a Claymores home game in the regular season, saw the home team's 24-7 third-quarter lead slipping away against the brilliance of Galaxy quarterback Michael Bishop. Bishop, allocated by the New England Patriots, passed for 255 yards and three touchdowns.

But in the end it was big plays earlier in the game by the Claymores that were decisive. The Claymores' biggest star was linebacker London Dunlap, who set up one touchdown with a tackle on the Galaxy punter Andrew Bayes and scored himself by recovering a blocked punt in the endzone.

Afterwards, winning head coach Gene Dahlquist said: “I was proud of the way the players played out there today. Sure it was ugly at times, but I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty.”

Dante Hall scores the first points of NFL Europe 2001
The Galaxy, bidding for a record fifth World Bowl appearance, were halted on their opening drive after Bishop was lucky not to be intercepted. A bad snap on the resulting punt saw punter Bayes being tackled by Green Bay Packer Dunlap on his own six-yard line.

The Claymores needed only one play to score as quarterback Clint Stoerner found Dante Hall with a lateral pass and the Kansas City Chiefs-allocated receiver dived in for the touchdown. But the Galaxy required only play themselves to level the scores as Bishop launched a bomb that landed in Ricky Hall's arms on the way to an 80-yard touchdown.

The Scots next drive featured the rushing ability of Philadelphia Eagles allocate Anthony Gray, but came to nothing when English kicker Rob Hart was wide left with a 38-yard field goal attempt. Frankfurt closed an exciting first quarter with a drive that featured a couple of near misses.

First Damon Savage failed to hold a Bishop pass that would have resulted in six points and then the drive ended when the Scotland defense stopped running back Brian Edwards on a fourth down play.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Kevin Thompson began the second quarter at quarterback for the Galaxy, but was picked off on his first drive by Claymores linebacker Dusty Renfro. Stoerner also had problems, being sacked by Gary Stills' as the defenses began to dominate.

But in the final minute of the half Stoerner hooked up with fellow Dallas Cowboy James Whalen for 28 yards to put Scotland in position for a 30-yard field goal attempt. Hart sent the kick through the uprights for a 10-7 halftime lead.

The Scots were quickly in scoring position in the second half as the result of a pass interference call deep in Galaxy territory and Stoerner took advantage by scrambling right and finding Chicago Bears receiver Gerald Williams for a five-yard touchdown.

The Claymores struck again immediately as defensive lineman Jabbar Threats blocked Bayes' punt and Dunlap fell on the ball in the endzone to score.

London Dunlap celebrates his blocked punt return for a touchdown
Frankfurt looked to have cut into the Scotland lead when Denvis Manns raced round the left to find the endzone from 10 yards but a penalty for holding ruled out the play. Undaunted, Bishop accepted the five-yard loss and hit tight end Pete Muther for a 16-yard score instead.

Manns and fellow-running back Rashon Spikes began making inroads into the Scots defense, taking Frankfurt to the Claymores' 15-yard line. From there Bishop showed the scrambling ability that helped him to runner-up spot in the Heisman Trophy voting at Kansas State in 1998 as he eluded the Scotland pass rush to hit Spikes for a 15-yard score. Suddenly the momentum was all with Frankfurt. Scotland's offense was stopped again and Bishop and his running backs were on the march once more.

This time Ola Kimrin was off target with his field goal attempt from 32 yards. But the Claymores, beaten in last year's World Bowl, could not prevent the Galaxy getting possession again at their own 48-yard line with 1:52 remaining.

Bishop hit Edwards for two short gains but on fourth down and two Savage could not hang on to the ball and Galaxy's comeback came up short, despite having outgained the Claymores by 368 yards to 171.

In other NFL Europe League opening day action, Rhein Fire defeated the Amsterdam Admirals 24-20, while Barcelona Dragons downed Berlin Thunder 21-14.

The Claymores travel next to Amsterdam to take on the Admirals next Saturday in the ArenA.

Claymores 'lose ugly' in Amsterdam

Scottish Claymores 10, Amsterdam Admirals 14
THE Claymores 'won ugly' at Hampden Park opening the 2001 NFL Europe League season last week. On Saturday night GENE DAHLQUIST'S team 'lost ugly' with a 14-10 defeat against Holland's Admirals in the Amsterdam ArenA.

Vaughn Sanders scored the Claymores only touchdown
The Scots suffered a mis-timing offense as defense and special teams came good but not enough to bail the Claymores out of their first loss of the new season dropping them to 1-1 in the NFL-EL standings.

Dallas Cowboys allocated quarterback Clint Stoerner was frustrated throughout the contest by a faulty headset, a noisy Dutch crowd and a rapid play clock as the Claymores found it difficult to put together any continuity on offense.

A 30-yard touchdown pass from Cleveland Browns allocated quarterback Spergon Wynn to receiver Chris Coleman proved the difference between two mis-firing team, as the Scots were outmatched 266 yards to 125 yards on offense.

On the bright side for the Claymores, who host Berlin Thunder at Hampden Park next Sunday, was some great play on special teams and a sterling effort from a hard-hitting defense led by the Hounds on the defensive line.

The Claymores misfired through the first quarter with Stoerner having a number of communication difficulties with the sideline due to a malfunctioning headset link. The Claymore defense weren't suffering any such misfortunes with defensive Hounds Jabbar Threats and Antonio Dingle chasing down Admirals' Cleveland Browns allocated quarterback Spergon Wynn on successive plays.

Punter Brad Costello had a good night consistently putting punts in the Amsterdam 20
The Scots offense got back on track with runs from Philadelphia Eagles' Anthony Gray and a 20-yard pass connection to Dante Hall to work the ball in great field position to start the second quarter. However, wide out Joe Perez fumbled a 17-yard strike from Stoerner letting the Admirals off the hook and giving possession back to the Dutch at their own 17.

Defense continued to dominate for the Claymores with Robert Flickinger applying pressure recording consecutive sacks on Wynn. Miami Dolphins allocated running back Vaughn Sanders added two more big runs but the deadlock continued as the Scots were once again forced to punt - Rowelle Blenman turning in a stunning special teams tackle to pin the Admirals at their 20.

The Claymores did get the ball moving with two minutes to go in the half, Stoerner finding Kansas City Chiefs on-loan receiver Hall on a stunning 38-yard hook up to bring the Scots into Amsterdam territory, but again the Claymores were forced to punt.

Dallas Cowboys allocated end Bryant Shaw joined his defensive Hounds chums in downing Wynn at the Dutch five ending the half scoreless.

The Claymores got the ball moving to start the second half with Stoerner hitting Chicago Bear Gerald Williams and tight end James Whalen for big gains. Again forced to punt, the Claymores got a huge break when New England Patriot Brad Costello's boomed kick was muffed by Admirals returner Clarence Williams and recovered by linebacker London Dunlap at the Dutch one-yard line.

Running back Sanders piled into the endzone on the next play to break the deadlock - the Claymores taking a 7-0 lead following Rob Hart's successful conversion with 11:28 to play in the third quarter.

Williams made amends for his error powering the Admirals into scoring range. Wynn then fired a two-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Coleman with Silvio Diliberto evening up the scores at 7-7 with the PAT seven minutes into the second half.

Momentum continued to go the Dutch way with the Scots forced to punt following sacks on Stoerner, Wynn driving his team downfield looking for victory at the game moved into the fourth quarter. The Scots dodged a bullet whenwide out Anthony Tucker dropped an endzone pass and kickerJason Malecki missed a 46-yard field goal.

Dante Hall put in another good performance at reciever
Still fighting the play clock, the Claymores were forced to punt again but the defense kept up the pressure with newly returned Cowboy Earl Riley sacking Wynn on a safety blitz.

The play clock nightmare continued for the Claymores but the offense was bailed out again by spectacular special teams with Stephen Hutchinson knocking the ball out of Williams grasp for a second time allowing linebacker Jamal Brooks to recover for the Scots at the Dutch 12-yard line.

Yet again, the offense stuttered and Hart was called on to boot a 37-yard field goal - which he converted for a slim 10-7 with five minutes to play.

The Scots got the ball back but a deep Stoerner pass was intercepted cornerback Jermaine Smith giving the Dutch hope with two minutes to play.

Wynn marched his team downfield on a seven-play match-winning drive capped with the 30-yard strike to Coleman, Diliberto's PAT rounding off the 14-10 victory.

In other NFL Europe League action, Barcelona Dragons improved to 2-0 with a 24-12 victory over Rhein Fire, while Berlin Thunder outmatched Frankfurt Galaxy 28-20.

Claymores Offense Erupts as the Scots Silence Berlin Thunder

Berlin Thunder 21 - Scottish Claymores 28
Hampden Park, Glasgow

The Scottish Claymores (2-1) silenced Berlin Thunder (1-2) before a crowd of 10,419 fans during Week 3 of the NFL Europe League that saw the Scots defeat Berlin Thunder 28-21 on Sunday afternoon.

MVP James Whalen makes 1st Down
"We beat a good team today," an exuberated GENE DAHLQUIST said after the match. "Berlin is well coached and they get the ball up the field. It's hard to win football games but our team is working toward that. Today they became closer to a whole team."

Making the game even more special was the fact that the Claymores, who had been struggling on the offensive side of the ball, erupted for 375 total net yards. The offensive explosion was even more extraordinary because offensive co-ordinator MIKE DEAL was not able to attend the game. Back in the United States, Deal was with his family after his father passed away on Saturday.

"Family is just more important than football," Dahlquist explained. "I think that the team really wanted to step it up today to show Mike that they were pulling for him. It's just such a tough situation but I think that our guys showed Mike just how much they care."

However, things didn't start off so promising for the Scots. Early in the first quarter, the Claymore defense held the Berlin offense and forced a punt. Returner DANTE HALL proceeded to mishandle the ball as he turned it over to the Thunder on the Claymore 29-yard line. Five plays later, Berlin quarterback JONATHAN QUINN found tight end CARLOS NUNO for a three-yard touchdown.

Dante Hall breaks free to score the winning touchdown
"Dante is such an emotional person," Dahlquist noted. "I could see that he was down on himself but I wanted to try and get the ball back in his hands. I knew that he would be important for us if we were to win the game."

A pair of ROB HART field goals closed the gap to 7-6 in favor of the visitors entering the half.

The third quarter not only saw both sides offensives heat up, it also made Dahlquist into a soothsayer of sorts. With the Claymores first drive of the half, CLINT STOERNER found Hall on a 31-yard strike that put the Scots up 13-7. That score marked the first of four consecutive drives that ended up with the offense scoring a touchdown.

Quinn found KENNY COUTAIN on a six-yard score and then later hit AHMAD MERRITT from 35-yards out. Sandwiched in between the Berlin scores was a three-yard scoring pass from Stoerner to JAMES WHALEN. A brilliant ANTHONY GRAY 53-yard scamper set up that Claymore score. After faking out numerous Thunder adversaries, Gray sprinted toward the middle of the field but was caught by defensive back DEE MORONKOLA on the Thunder seven-yard line.

After a flurry of touchdowns, the Germans held a slim 21-20 advantage on the home team.

As the fourth and final quarter started the defensives quickly tightened their grip on the game. Each side tried on numerous occasions to score but neither team was successful until the Claymores gained control of the ball with 8:53 left in the game.

Keyed by an eight-yard Stoerner run on an third and six play, the Claymores stood at the Berlin 25-yard line at the two-minute warning. On a third down and 13 Stoerner found Hall for what should have been a modest gain. However, Hall proceeded to shrug off a pair of would be tacklers as he scampered 28-yards into the endzone. A two-point conversion pass that was deflected and yet still corralled by Whalen put the Scots up for good.

Anthony Gray breaks a 53 yard run
Berlin tried unsuccessfully to muster a last minute miracle as they took control of the ball with just 1:08 left in the contest. After three unsuccessful attempts to move the ball for any significant yardage, Quinn found his team against the wall on a fourth down and 20. Flushed from the pocket, Quinn was unable to elude ROBERT FLICKINGER as the national star collected his third sack in his last couple of games to seal the victory.

"The entire line just kept coming all day," an elided Flickinger said following the game. "We knew we had to finish what we had started. It was just a matter of staying focused."

The victory moved the team just one game behind the undefeated Barcelona Dragons as both the Scots and the Amsterdam Admirals stand at 2-1 on the year. Next week (Saturday 12th May) is a contest against the winless Frankfurt Galaxy at the famous Waldstadion. That game is a rematch of the opening day encounter that saw the Claymores eke out a 24-21 victory after a masterful performance by Galaxy quarterback MICHAEL BISHOP.

Claymores fall in the Waldstadion

Scottish Claymores 17, Frankfurt Galaxy 27
THE Scottish Claymores fell to Frankfurt Galaxy in the noisy Waldstadion on Saturday night, head coach Gene Dahlquist's men succumbing 27-17 to a fired up Frankfurt in front of 33,437 hostile fans.

Scott Couper catches the Claymores first touchdown
Galaxy's New England Patriots quarterback Michael Bishop combined with returning wide receiver Andy McCullough in a must-win game for Frankfurt, to make life miserable for the Claymores. Not even late touchdowns from Glaswegian Scott Couper and Dallas Cowboys allocated tight end James Whalen were enough to raise the Scots spirits.

The win was Frankfurt's first for the season raising them to 1-3, while the Claymores lost for the second time away from home dropping them to 2-2.

Afterwards, a disappointed Dahlquist, said: "We got ourselves in a hole at the start and just couldn't get out. I have to give full credit to Frankfurt. They did a tremendous job.

"I'm proud of the way our players came back in the second half. We developed some consistency on offense. It just wasn't enough."

Anthony Gray fights for extra yardage
Frankfurt took and early 3-0 lead thanks to a 22-yard field goal from National kicker Stephan Bauer. The breaks continued to go Galaxy's way when Dante Hall fumbled the resultant kick return allowing Frankfurt's Brian Edwards to recover. Seven plays later Ola Kimrin added to the lead converting a 39-yard field goal to make it 6-0 with 3:22 to go in the first quarter.

The Scots were denied a go-ahead touchdown midway through the second quarter when Dallas Cowboys allocated tight end James Whalen was adjudged to have stepped out of bounds before catching a 10-yard pass at the back of the endzone from fellow Cowboys allocated Clint Stoerner.

Rob Hart stepped up to put the Claymores on the scoreboard booting a 27-yard field goal to make it 6-3.

Galaxy put the first touchdown of the game on the scoreboard with three minutes remaining in the half, New England Patriots allocated quarterback Michael Bishop firing a nine-yard pass to Andy McCullough who beat two Claymores defenders to score. Bauer added the extra point and Frankfurt Where 13-3 ahead.

The Claymore tried to hit back, but Stoerner fumbled a high snap from centre allowing cornerback Chris Cummings to recover for Galaxy at midfield. Bishop punished the mistake on the next play launching a 48-yard long-range strike to Kansas City Chiefs allocated wide receiver Ricky Hall in the Scots endzone. Bauer converted again and Frankfurt went into the locker room with a commanding 20-3 lead.

The Claymores were given a lift at the end of the third quarter, with Central McClellion picking off a Bishop pass, returning the interception to midfield.

Gus Ornstein threw a touchdown pass in the final minute
National hero Scott Couper led the way hauling in a crucial catch to move the Claymores into scoring range before scooping up a 14-yard touchdown pass from Stoerner for the Scots first touchdown with 20 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Hart booted the conversion pegging the score back to 20-10.

But Galaxy quarterback Bishop kept Frankfurt firing at the start of the fourth quarter linking up with McCullough once again in the endzone on a four-yard scoring pass. Bauers PAT gave Galaxy more breathing space at 27-10.

With eight minutes remaining the Claymores mounted a desperate comeback bid with Stoerner moving his offense into scoring range. But a tipped pass intended for new wide receiver Corey Allen was intercepted by safety Gary Thompkins and the Scots were facing an uphill struggle to get back in the game.

Safety Reggie Hunt made a late interception for the Claymores with five minutes remaining, but again the Claymores failed to capitalise. Dahlquist then substituted in back-up quarterback Gus Ornstein who orchestrated an eight-play 51-yard scoring drive capped with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Whalen. But it was too little too late and Galaxy ran out the five seconds remaining on the clock for their first win of the season.

In other action Rhein Fire dropped to 1-3 following a 17-23 defeat to Berlin Thunder, which Barcelona Dragons stay undefeated at 4-0 after a 31-14 victory over Amsterdam Admirals.

Next Sunday, the Claymores (2-2) travel to Dusseldorf to take on Rhein Fire (1-3).

Claymores turned over in the Rheinstadion

Scottish Claymores 3, Rhein Fire 10
WORLD BOWL 2000 tormentor Pepe Pearson came back to haunt the Claymores Sunday as Gene Dahlquist's side dropped to 2-3 in the NFL Europe League following a disappointing 10-3 loss to Rhein Fire in front of 30,000 in Dusseldorf.

Rhein TE Adam Newman is tackled by Eric Whitfield
The Claymores were crippled with five Rheinstadion turnovers - Dallas Cowboys quarterback Clint Stoerner battling bravely but throwing two interceptions in the first half.

Running back Anthony Gray contributed 85 yards rushing and tight end James Whalen 77 yards in passing yards while the Claymores hard-hitting defense limited Fire to just 233 yards recording three sacks on Rhein passers. But it was Pearson's four-yard touchdown scamper and the five forced errors which proved the difference as the Claymores fell short with a last-gasp fight back.

Afterwards, head coach Gene Dahlquist, said: "This was a disappointing day for us. We lost the turnover battle and failed to take our opportunities in the red zone. All we can do is regroup and prepare for what is a big game for us next Sunday at home to Amsterdam Admirals."

Fire wasted no time, quarterback Phil Stambaugh directing his team downfield to score on the Germans' first possession. Pearson, who scored the winning touchdown to dump the Claymores to defeat in last season's World Bowl, picked up where he left off from in the championship game scampering into the endzone from four-yard out to cap a 10-play scoring drive. Veteran kicker Manfred Burgsmuller converted the PAT and Rhine led 7-0.

Chris Ward lets QB Phil Stambaugh know about his sack
The Claymores misfired with mistakes on both offense and defense handing much of the early momentum to Rhein. Claymores quarterback Stoerner was intercepted at the start of the second quarter by Fire safety Deke Cooper, Stoerner's pass intended for Dallas Cowboys' team-mate James Whalen.

Rhein capitalised on the error with kicker James Tuthill booting a 47-yard field goal to give Fire a 10-0 advantage.

The Claymores had a chance to register as the first half drew to a close, however, Stoerner was intercepted for a second time as he fired a pass intended for Gerald Williams. The receiver failed to connect allowing an easy pick-off for safety Clarence Le Blanc and a ten-point cushion for Rhein at the break.

Fire got a gift at the start of the third quarter when Central McClellion muffed a punt return allowing Rhein to recover. Secondary colleague Eric Whitfield bailed his buddy out on the next play when he intercepted Stambaugh in the Claymores endzone to return possession to the Scots.

Stoerner moved his offense into scoring range on the back of big runs from Anthony Gray and two big receptions from Gerald Williams, but once again the Scots squandered a golden scoring opportunity when, after being flushed out of the pocket, Stoerner gave away possession fumbling the ball at Rhein's 12-yard line.

Bryant Shaw sacks Rhein QB Phil Stambaugh
Fire had a chance to extend their lead by another four points at the start of the fourth quarter, but Tuthill's 52-yard effort fell short giving the Claymores the ball back at midfield. The Scots at last managed to find some consistency on offense, Stoerner driving his team into the Rhein redzone with completions to Whalen and Randy Palmer and crucial yardage gains on the ground from Gray.

But once again the Claymores couldn't punch it into the endzone and had to settle for a 25-yard field goal from Rob Hart to get them onto the scoreboard with just four minutes remaining in the game.

The Claymores finally got a break on Rhein's next possession when Pearson fumbled and defensive end Chris Ward came up with a huge recovery for the Scots at the Fire 35 with two minutes remaining. Again Sroerner moved his team into scoring range, but again the Scots were foiled when Stoerner fumbled possession after being sacked allowing Rhein to run out the clock and move to 2-3 in the standings.

In other NFL Europe League action Amsterdam Admirals upset Barcelona Dragons 33-13 while Berlin Thunder triumphed 34-25 over Frankfurt Galaxy.

Claymores Sink Admirals at Hampden

Before a boisterous crowd of 15,983 at Hampden the Scottish Claymores (3-3) defeated the Amsterdam Admirals (3-3) 17-7.

Scott Couper holds on despite being drilled by an Amsterdam defender
"This is one of those situations where it was just nice to be home and pick up a win," Claymores head coach GENE DAHLQUIST said after his squad held the Admirals to a mere 80 yards of total offense. "We really made good things happen on each side of the ball. Our defense in particular really stepped up and played tremendously.

"When your offense is able to hold onto the ball for over 36 minutes it allows your defense to take care of things when they get on the field. We were really able to do that today. Just the idea that both sides of the ball did their job is tremendous. We didn't allow Amsterdam to get into their rhythm and we did an amazing job on third down today."

Jabbar Threats gives an Amsterdam running back a tough time
The Claymores got things off to a quick start on Sunday as they marched 67 yards in 4:27 on their initial drive to strike first blood in the game. The star of the drive was ANTHONY GRAY (Philadelphia Eagles) who accounted for 37 of those yards with spectacular smash-mouth rushing including the culminating play of the drive, a rumbling 13-yard scramble.

That score for the Scots ended a period of 69:26 in which the team had failed to reach the endzone. The Bravehearts last touchdown came on a GUS ORNSTEIN (Kansas City Chiefs) pass to JAMES WHALEN (Dallas Cowboys) with 2:01 to go in the club's Week 4 contest at Frankfurt.

The Claymores and Gray continued to pound the ball on the ground at every chance they received as the game moved into the second quarter. Gray, who ended the day with 91 yards on 28 attempts, hit pay-dirt late in the second quarter as he drove in for a two-yard touchdown with 1:04 left till halftime. Gray's score was set up by a crucial CLINT STOERNER 32-yard pass to Cowboys team-mate Whalen.

Anthony Gray had his most productive day as a Claymore
The Claymores looked to increase their lead when Admirals quarterback SPERGON WYNN (Cleveland Browns) dropped back and threw an interception to DUSTY RENFRO (Carolina Panthers) on Amsterdam's next snap under center. Renfro, who pitched the ball to EARL RILEY (Dallas Cowboys) before the Dutch defenders converged on the ball, set the offense up on the opponents 14-yard marker. However, with only 33 seconds remaining until the half the team was unable to translate the turnover into points as the clock ran out before Claymore kicker ROB HART could attempt a 34-yard field goal.

Wynn, who only completed eight of his 26 attempts on the day, and the Admirals woke up from their first-half offensive hibernation thanks to an interception by former Claymore KORY BLACKWELL on the Scots first drive of the third quarter. The Claymore turnover set up the dangerous Amsterdam offense in Scotland territory at the 37-yard line. Wynn's favourite target, CHRIS COLEMAN (Tennessee Titans), ended the Admirals frustration when he hauled in a one-yard toss to pull the Dutch to within seven points at 14-7.

The Claymores were able to increase their lead to 10 points with 5:24 remaining in the contest when Hart booted a 25-yard field goal through the uprights. The attempt marked Hart's seventh successful kick in eight attempts on the season and ended the scoring on the day.

In other league action, Berlin (3-3) fell at Barcelona (5-1) by a score of 35-55 on Saturday evening while Frankfurt (1-4) hosts Rhein (2-3) later this evening.

Scottish Claymores slip in Berlin

Scottish Claymores 19, Berlin Thunder 27.
THE Scottish Claymores dropped to a crushing 27-19 loss to Berlin Thunder and a 3-4 standing in the NFL Europe League chase for the World Bowl in front of 8,917 in the Jahnstadion on Saturday night.

TE James Whalen caught another 9 passes against Berlin
The Claymores road troubles of failing to find the endzone in crucial situations and an inability to consistently cover their opponents pass attack came resurfaced in the stadium that backs on to the old Berlin Wall to demolish the Scots hopes of a vital away win.

Afterwards, disappointed Claymores' head coach Gene Dahlquist, said: "I'd like to give credit to Berlin for making the plays that made the difference in a close game. I feel bad that we did have our opportunities - we did get down into the scoring zone - but we were unable to capitalise by putting the ball in the endzone. That was the difference in the game."

Two touchdowns from Thunder's Cleveland Browns' allocated running back Madre Hill combined with a 31-yard touchdown pass from Jonathan Quinn to Duane Jones giving Berlin (4-3) the winning edge and leaving the Scots scrambling to get back into World Bowl contention at Hampden Park next weekend against the rampant Barcelona Dragons. The Dragons ended Frankfurt Galaxy's season on Saturday night with a 31-20 win in the Montjuic Olimpic Stadium.

English kicker Rob Hart scored 13 of the Claymores 19 points
The Claymores had an inauspicious start to the game when, on their third play, Berlin quarterback Quinn linked up with running back Madre Hill on a 56-yard touchdown. Axel Kruse kicked the point after conversion and the Thunder led 7-0 two minutes into the game.

The Scots hit straight back though when quarterback Stoerner fired a stunning 79-yard scoring strike to Dante Hall just 30 seconds later. Rob Hart converted the PAT and the game was tied at 7-7.

Quinn turned villain on Thunder's next drive when he fumbled the ball after a fierce hit from Claymores St Louis Rams' allocated linebacker Keith Miller. Dallas Cowboys allocated safety earl Riley scooped up the loose ball for the Claymores giving the Scots great field position at Thunder's 40. Hart then capitalised on the turnover booting a 39-yard field goal to make it 10-7 with 8:38 remaining in the first quarter.

Berlin where knocking on the door again with two minutes of first half remaining when linebacker Miller made his presence felt again sacking Quinn for an 18-yard loss. However, Thunder kicker Scott Bentley still managed to tie the scores up at 10-10 converting a 42-yard field goal with 1:12 remaining in the second quarter.

Seattle Seahawks allocated cornerback Nate Terry brought the resultant kickoff return back to Thunder's 40 but consecutive sacks on Stoerner ended Scots hopes for any further scoring in the first half.

Thunder struck first in the second half when with four minutes gone, running back Madre Hill notched up his second touchdown of the game on a 33-yard scoring run straight through the heart of the Scots defence. Kruse knocked through the PAT and Berlin took a 17-10 lead.

Dante Hall scored the Claymores only touchdown, a 79 yard pass from Clint Stoerner
Hart pulled the scores back to 17-13 with six minutes left to play in the third quarter booting a 32-yard field goal after Stoerner failed to find the endzone on a nine-play drive. The Claymores kept moving the ball but again stuttered in the redzone with Hart called upon to boot a 35-yard field goal to pull the scores back to 17-16 at the start of the fourth quarter.

Thunder re-took the initiative on their next possession when Quinn linked up with Seahawks allocate Duane Jones on a 31-yard touchdown strike blowing past the Claymores' pass coverage. Kruse kicked the PAT and with 7:49 left in the game, Berlin were in control 24-16 in front.

The Claymores looked to have got back in the game when Stoerner found Hall at the back of the endzone, but the ball escaped the receiver's grasp and the Scots had to settle for another 35-yard field goal from hart to make it 24-19 to Berlin with 3:17 left to play.

Gene Dahlquist called for an onside kick but the Claymores failed to recover handing the ball to Berlin deep in Scots territory. Bentley then converted a 35-yard field goal with one minute remaining to kill off Scots' hopes.

Speaking about the Claymores World Bowl hopes, Dahlquist, added: "We have two home games left and one road game. It is important now for us to win all three to be in the picture. We have yet to win a game on the road and we were hoping to do that this week. That would have really helped. We just have to get ready to play each ball game and try and win three in a row and let everything else take care of itself."

In other NFL Europe League action, Barcelona Dragons eliminated Frankfurt Galaxy from World Bowl contention with a 31-20 victory. Amsterdam Admirals defeated Rhein Fire 17-14 to keep their hopes of hosting the World Bowl in the Amsterdam ArenA on June 28 on track.

Claymores Fall in Hard Fought Contest Against Dragons

Scottish Claymores 9, Barcelona Dragons 14.
THE SCOTTISH CLAYMORES lost a hard fought contest to the Barcerlona Dragons (7-1) 9-14 in front of a 14,483 fans at Hampden Park on Sunday night. An important tilt with playoff implications, the contest clinches a World Bowl berth for the visiting Dragons while nearly ending the chances of a repeat appearance in the season finale for the home-town Claymores.

RB Anthony Gray fights off the close attentions of a Dragons defender to turn the corner
"We had opportunities to win this game," Claymores head coach GENE DAHLQUIST said following the contest. "We just couldn't get it done. It wasn't because of lack of effort, we just didn't get it done today for whatever reason."

"We had our chances," Dahlquist continued. " On the first drive, we had the touchdown but couldn't get it down and we had to settle for the field goal. We also had a pass to JAMES WHALEN (Dallas Cowboys) down the sidelines that would have resulted in a score but we just didn't complete."

"If we knew the answer to our offensive struggles, we would have solved them by now," commented game MVP Whalen who had 115 receiving yards on eight receptions. "We are running the ball good and driving it down into the redzone and that's where the problems start. We either have a sack or a penalty or a mental breakdown we just aren't getting the job done right now."

Rob Hart scored all the Claymores points on 3 field goals
The Claymores got things off to a quick start on Sunday thanks to wide receiver DANTE HALL (Kansas City Chiefs). Hall, who entered the game as the League's yardage leader by virtue of his 847 combined net yards this season, took the opening kick-off 38-yards to the Claymores 48-yard marker. A critical 18-yard gain on a pass from Braveheart quarterback CLINT STOERNER (Dallas Cowboys) to RANDY PALMER (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) kept the drive alive long enough to set up national barefoot kicker ROB HART for an easy 29-yard field goal. The boot was Hart's 12 successful attempt in 13 tries this season.

In an attempt to jump-start a passing attack that tallied a mere 9-yards in the air during the first quarter, Barcelona head coach JACK BICKNELL elected to replace starting quarterback JARIOUS JACKSON (Denver Broncos) with RODERICK ROBINSON (Indianapolis Colts). The result was just what Bicknell had in mind as Robinson took the team on a seven play drive that culminated with a 12-yard touchdown pass from Robinson to BRYAN GILMORE (Arizona Cardinals).

On the Claymores ensuing drive, Stoerner threw an interception to the Dragons SAMYR HAMOUDI, a French national player. That play set up the Dragons on their own 45-yard marker. MIKE GREEN (Tennessee Titans), who concluded the game with 136 rushing yards, was the star of the resulting drive. The League leader with 919 ground yards this season, Green accounted for 48 of the 55-yards eaten up by Barcelona on the series, including a seven-yard TD scamper. That score was Green's eighth of the season and tied him with the Admiral's CHRIS COLEMAN (Tennessee Titans) for the League benchmark this season.

Just before half-time Stoerner and the Claymores drove deep into Dragons territory. However, the Claymores would quickly run out of time and the squad would have to settle for another Hart field goal, this time from 22-yards out, to pull the Scots to a 14-6 deficeit at the half.

Safety Reggie Hunt welcomes the Dragons receivers to Scotland
A freak special teams snafu by the Dragons would result in the Claymores next score when a BRAD COSTELLO (New England Patriots) punt was inadvertently touched by a member of the Dragons and recovered by CASEY TISDALE (Kansas City chiefs). While consecutive sacks on Stoerner by the Barcelona defense would cause the drive to stall, Hart would once again answer the call as he nailed his third field goal of the game on a 29-yard attempt. That shot would be Hart's 14th successful field goal in a row which ties him with Rhein kicker MANFRED BURGSMULLER for the watermark in league history.

However, the Scots couldn't muster any further offense and following a near mirror image of the punt mishandle that had given the team life earlier in the game, the Dragons ran out the clock after recovering the fumbled kick.

In other league action this week, the Amsterdam Admirals (4-4) took a serious hit to their World Bowl aspirations on Saturday evening when they fell to Frankfurt (2-6) in the Waldstadion by a score of 23-28. The hero of the game for the Galaxy was former Claymore quarterback LIONEL HAYES who completed 15 of his 23 attempts with three touchdowns. Later on Sunday night, Rhein Fire (3-4) will host the Berlin Thunder (4-3) in an all-German affair. Should the Thunder come out of that contest victorious, they will move into sole position of second place in the League and will be in the drivering seat for a spot in the World Bowl.

Claymores Falter against Los Dragons in Barcelona

THE SCOTTISH CLAYMORES (3-6) fell to the Barcelona Dragons (8-1) at Estadi Olimpic de Montjuic on Saturday evening in a must-win match for the Scots. The loss, which brought the Claymores to a 0-7 all-time in Barcelona, dashed the squad's hopes of a second-consecutive World Bowl appearance. With the win, the Dragons move to within one victory of tying the all-time League mark for the best record in a season.

National DE Robert Flickenger makes his presence felt
"You have to compliment Barcelona for scoring so quickly," said Claymores head coach GENE DAHLQUIST following the game. "They got a quick touchdown and followed that up with the punt return. That was good on their part."

"I was disappointed that we didn't make a better game of it," Dahlquist continued. "We played them much better last week. I did think that we showed some signs of life in the second half but the deficit that we were faced with was just too great."

After getting shut down on the game's opening drive, the Claymores were forced to punt the ball to the hometown Dragons. Running back MIKE GREEN (Tennessee Titans) powered the way for Barcelona on the ensuing drive as he accumulated 26 rushing yards. However, it was the legs of quarterback JARIOUS JACKSON (Denver Broncos) who would get the Dragons on the board first as the swift-footed signal caller scampered around the line and into the endzone from six yards out.

Dante Hall again caught passes for the Claymores
Barcelona didn't take long to score their next points as TREVOR INSLEY (Indianapolis Colts) took Braveheart punter BRAD COSTELLO'S (New England Patriots) subsequent offering 76 yards for the Dragons second touchdown of the game. As a result of the play, Insley, who entered the contest second in the League in not only punt return average (9.2) but also receptions (52) and receiving yardage (548), became the first opposing player this season to score touchdown on a return against Scotland.

While the Scots were able to pierce deep in to the Dragons territory when they got the ball next, the squad was unable to register any points as barefoot national kicker ROB HART missed on a 26-yard field goal attempt. That muff not only snapped Hart's streak of 14-straight successful attempts, which ties him at the all-time League mark with Rhein's MANFRED BURGSMULLER, but also marked his first miss since his initial attempt of the season against Frankfurt in Week 1.

Barcelona stretched it's lead to 20-0 by halftime thanks to Dragon's national kicker JESUS ANGOY who knocked through his eighth and ninth successful boots of the season. Angoy's kicks, which came from 20-yards and 43-yards out, moved his point total to a League-high 56 points.

The Claymores exited the locker room with a sense of urgency that shown as the team drove 51-yards with their first drive of the second half. Keyed by a gritty 25-yard scamper from Braveheart quarterback CLINT STOERNER (Dallas Cowboys), the Claymores soon found themselves inside Barcelona's 10-yard line. The Scots ended their offensive misery on a seven-yard touchdown strike from Stoerner to DANTE HALL (Kansas City Chiefs).

Gus Ornstein saw some playing time at quarterback
Barcelona's defense would stiffen the next time that Scotland received the ball as defensive end KEITH WASHINGTON sacked Stoerner and forced a fumble at the Claymores seven-yard line. The miscue would set Los Dragons up in excellent territory however, the League's top offense couldn't capitalised on the exceptional field position. Stuffing Green on three consecutive runs, the 'Hounds of Scotland II' stymied Barcelona and forced them to settle for an Angoy 19-yard field goal.

Stoerner's next turnover, an interception by DONALD BROOMFIELD, almost turned from anguish to ecstasy when the Claymores signal caller chased down the pilfer and stripped the ball away from him forcing a fumble. However, Washington once again came up big for the Dragons as he fell on the ball to give possession back to Barcelona. The drive would end when the busy Angoy was once again called into action for his fourth and final field goal attempt of the game as he nailed a 26-yard shot. The resulting 26-7 score turned out to be the final tally.

In other League action taking place in Week 9, the Amsterdam Admirals (4-5) fell to the Berlin Thunder (5-4) by a score 41-10 at Jahnstadion. The victory gives the Thunder the inside track to the final opening in World Bowl 2001. In other match this week Frankfurt Galaxy (2-6) will travel into Rheinstadion to meet Rhein Fire (4-4). A Fire victory would tie the club with Berlin for second place in the standings heading into the final week of the season. The Claymores will complete the season next week as they host Rhein in Hampden Park. The match, which is set to begin at 3:00 p.m. next Saturday, could be a very important match to the Fire's World Bowl aspirations.

Scottish Claymores Defeat Rhein Fire giving Super Couper a Joyous send off

Scottish Claymores 34, Rhein Fire 21
ON A DAY when the great SCOTT COUPER closed the book on a seven-year NFL Europe career, the Scottish Claymores (4-6) defeated the Rhein Fire (5-5) by 21-34 before 12,251 rowdy fans at Hampden Park. Couper, who earlier in the week announced his retirement following the game, was honoured prior to the start of the game and would receive game MVP honours along with JAMES WHALEN (Dallas Cowboys allocate).

Scott Couper is carried off the field by linemen Chris Watton [61] and Eric King [65]
"We finally took advantage of the great field position created by our defense today," an exuberant GENE DAHLQUIST said following the match. "Special teams were an important factor in our success today. I was glad that we were able to get things working."

"I really want to thank the team today," Dahlquist continued. "Under the circumstance, they could have just gone in the tank but they didn't. They came out to play football and I think they had fun out there. In the end, that's what's important. We just came out and played good football and I really think that we deserved to win the game today."

Rob Hart's four extra points gave him 100 consecutive PAT's and took him over 200 career NFLEL points
Much as they have all season long, the opportunistic Claymores defense stepped up to the challenge and jumpstarted the team. This time, linebacker LONDON DUNLAP (Green Bay Packers) sacked Fire quarterback PHIL STAMBAUGH (New Orleans Saints) forcing a fumble. 'Hound' JABBAR THREATS (Kansas City Chiefs) scooped up the ball and returned it 26 yards for the touchdown to give the Bravehearts the early advantage.

On the ensuing kick-off, the Scots special teams scored a huge turnover when JORDAN YOUNGER (Arizona Cardinals) fumbled away the return as the ball was recovered by Claymores STEVAN FONTANA on the Rhein 34-yard line. Keeping the resulting drive alive, Whalen made an important 29-yard haul to move the team into scoring position. In fitting form, Couper put the cap on things as he collected a 10-yard touchdown pass from CLINT STOERNER (Dallas Cowboys) to not only tally his 10th career scoring catch but also place him over the 1,000-yard career receiving plateau.

Special teams once again played a big role in the Bravehearts next score when DANTE HALL (Kansas City Chiefs) took a punt and returned it 30-yards to the Fire's 30-yard marker. While the Scots offense was unable to move the ball, barefoot national kicker ROB HART booted the pigskin through the upright from 37-yards out.

James Whalen added another 8 catches for 115 yards
Hart would go on to connect once again, this time at the horn from 21-yards away, to give the hometown Scots a 27-0 halftime advantage. The score marked Hart's 16th successful field goal of the year in 19 attempts.

The Claymores continued their dominance in the second half as Wahlen, who ended the day with eight receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown, as he and Stoerner connected on an 11-yard touchdown. The ensuing PAT was nailed by Hart to roll his streak to a League-high 100-straight makes. The score was set up by an 59-yard grab and sprint by Hall.

Another special teams gem gave the Claymores excellent field position when a BRAD COSTELLO (New England Patriots) punt was fumbled by Younger and recovered by VAUGHN SANDERS (Miami Dolphins) on the Rhein 18-yard marker. Reaping the benefits of his hustle, Sanders took the ball into the endzone from a yard out on the resulting set of downs following a pass interference penalty by the Fire's DeSHONE MALLARD (Miami Dolphins) against Couper in the endzone.

Rhein would finally get on the board early in the fourth quarter but it took a freak play for the visitors to notch their first points. Following an EARL RILEY (Dallas Cowboys) interception of Stambaugh in the endzone, Riley attempted to return the ball. After breaking the plain of the goal line, Riley turned a tossed ball to a team-mate back in the endzone. However, the ball would not make it to it's intended target as MICHAEL LEWIS (New Orleans Saints) fell on the ball for a touchdown.

Couper catches his 10th career touchdown on a pass that took him over 1000 career receiving yards
Lewis was also responsible for the next score by the Germans as 1998 World Bowl MVP JIM ARELLANES came into the game at quarterback and swiftly led the team down the field. On the third play of the drive, Arellanes hit Lewis on a 64-yard touchdown strike.

The final scoring of the day came on a STEPHEN HUTCHINSON fumble. Stripped by the Fire's GAYLON HYDER (St. Louis Rams), the ball was recovered by KELLY GREGG (Baltimore Ravens) and returned 22-yards for the score.

"It was a special day for Scotty today," Dahlquist said. "I was glad that he scored the touchdown and you could see after the game just how much he means not only to this team but to the fans."

In other NFL Europe action this week, the League Champion Barcelona Dragons (8-1) will travel to Waldstadion to take on Frankfurt Galaxy (2-7) later on today. In a key match up tomorrow, Berlin Thunder (5-4) will head to the Amsterdam ArenA to face the Admirals (4-5) in a game that has World Bowl implications. Next week, Barcelona will head to Amsterdam for World Bowl IX. That match, which will be held on Saturday, June 30 will feature the Dragons and either Amsterdam, Berlin or Rhein.