1998 Season

1998 Scottish Claymores Game by Game

Date Opponent Result Record Attendance
04/05/1998 (Sun) @ Barcelona Dragons L, 19-18 0-1-0 10,200
04/12/1998 (Sun) @ Amsterdam Admirals L, 26-3 0-2-0 22,614
04/19/1998 (Sun) Rhein Fire L, 20-10 0-3-0 8,249
04/26/1998 (Sun) @ England Monarchs L, 14-10 0-4-0 6,246
05/03/1998 (Sun) Barcelona Dragons W, 30-10 1-4-0 9,629
05/09/1998 (Sat) @ Rhein Fire L, 17-10 1-5-0 20,480
05/17/1998 (Sun) England Monarchs W, 27-24 2-5-0 9,213
05/24/1998 (Sun) Frankfurt Galaxy L, 15-12 2-6-0 8,025
05/31/1998 (Sun) @ Frankfurt Galaxy L, 21-10 2-7-0 35,264
06/07/1998 (Sun) Amsterdam Admirals L, 26-23 2-8-0 8,762

1998 Scottish Claymores Roster

No Surname Firstname Position Height Weight Birth College How Acquired
70 Andruzzi Joe G 6-3 313 13/07/1975 S Connecticut State NFL Packers
93 Bailey Troy DT 6-3 300 07/03/1973 Oregon D1-97
9 Baker Jon K 6-1 185 13/07/1972 Arizona State NFL Dolphins
13 Ballard Jim QB 6-3 225 16/04/1972 Mount Union NFL Bills
12 Beck Tom QB 6-1 215 05/05/1974 Northern Colorado D22-98
29 Bender Carey RB 5-8 185 28/01/1972 Coe College D18-98
39 Blackwell Kory CB 5-11 185 03/08/1972 Massachusetts NFL Giants
94 Brannon Steven DL 6-4 280 27/11/1968 Hampton Trade 98
0 Brantley Chris WR 5-10 180 12/12/1974 Rutgers FA98
58 Brown Ken LB 6-1 235 05/05/1971 Virginia Tech D12-98
0 Brown Kerry WR 0 0   Pacific  
10 Butterfield Mark QB 6-4 215 14/07/1973 Stanford FA98
27 Cade Eddie S 6-1 205 04/07/1973 Arizona State D4-98
59 Campos Alan LB 6-3 236 03/03/1973 Louisville NFL Cowboys
35 Cole Lee S 5-11 202 25/06/1974 Arizona State FA98
81 Couper Scott WR 6-0 170 06/01/1970 Strathclyde University National Scotland
15 Davis Terance WR 5-11 193 27/02/1973 McNeese State NFL 96
97 DeWitt John DE 6-4 285 13/11/1970 Vanderbilt D4-96
36 Ellis Kwame CB 5-10 190 25/06/1974 Stanford NFL Chiefs
91 Flickinger Robert DE 6-4 245 21/09/1971 Georgetown National England
0 Gaines Wendall T 0 0   Oklahoma State FA98
14 Grieb Mark QB 6-3 200 23/05/1974 UC Davis FA98
96 Hicks Kerry DT 6-6 282 29/12/1972 Colorado D2-98
79 Hunt Purvis G 6-4 350 25/11/1970 Mississippi State NFL Oilers
86 Itai Masato WR 6-1 185 07/01/1971 Kyoto University National Japan
23 Johnson James S 6-1 190 23/10/1973 Nevada D24-98
58 Jones Shannon LB 6-4 245 25/09/1970 Southern California D2-96
99 Lee Mark DE 6-4 265 05/06/1973 Western State, CO NFL Bucs
44 Lee Steve RB 6-0 265 16/04/1974 Indiana NFL Bears
25 Lynch Eric RB 6-0 235 16/05/1970 Grand Valley State D7-98
84 Macik Miles WR 6-4 215 15/09/1973 Pennsylvania D5-98
52 Manuel Sam LB 6-3 235 01/12/1973 New Mexico State D3-98
80 Miller Chris WR 5-11 185 10/07/1973 Southern California NFL Bears
55 Mock Kerry LB 6-2 240 17/08/1973 North Carolina D3-98
11 Parker Gary K 5-6 175 03/03/1966 None National Scotland
95 Proby Bryan DE 6-5 300 30/11/1971 Arizona State NFL Saints
82 Reese Jerry WR 5-11 185 18/03/1973 San Jose State NFL Bills
87 Riley Philip WR 5-11 189 24/09/1972 Florida State D9-98
73 Rockwood Mike T 6-11 340 05/06/1973 Nevada-Reno NFL Bills
28 Samuel Cedric DB 5-9 188 26/09/1974 Alabama D8-98
53 Scharf Tim LB 6-1 235 20/03/1975 Northwestern D6-98
33 Smith JJ RB 5-11 214 14/10/1972 Kansas State D1-98
67 Stokes Barry G 6-4 294 20/12/1973 Eastern Michigan NFL Dolphins
26 Swann Charles CB 6-2 188 29/10/1970 Indiana State NFL 97
65 Symonette Alan G 6-2 315 23/05/1972 Miami - Florida FA98
85 Tate Willy TE 6-2 243 08/07/1972 Oregon NFL Bucs
44 Torriero Ben P 5-11 244 24/03/1965 None National Scotland
20 Turner Vernon RB 5-10 185 01/06/1967 Carson-Newman FA98
50 Waldron Emmett LB 6-1 246 18/10/1971 Rice National Ireland
2 Wing David P 6-2 215 07/02/1968 None National Australia
63 Wisdom Terrence G 6-4 307 04/12/1971 Syracuse FA98
72 Zitelli Emmett C 6-3 295 13/03/1974 Purdue NFL Bears

1998 Scottish Claymores Statistics

Passing Att Cmp Pct Yds Avg Lg TD TD% Int Int% Sack Loss Rating
Jim Ballard 212 113 53.3 1425 6.72 44 4 1.9 8 3.8 20 126 65.1
Mark Grieb 72 38 52.8 499 6.93 53 3 4.2 4 5.6 4 26 65.7
Chris Brantley 1 1 100.0 23 23.00 23 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 118.8
Terence Davis 1 0 0.0 0 0.00 0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 39.6
TOTALS 286 152 53.1 1947 6.81 53 7 2.4 12 4.2 24 152 65.4
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD Lg
Carey Bender 108 441 4.1 0 44
Vernon Turner 68 253 3.7 2 22
Dino Philyaw 33 94 2.8 1 13
Chris Miller 6 73 12.2 0 30
J.J. Smith 23 67 2.9 1 11
Jim Ballard 17 41 2.4 1 7
Mark Grieb 10 24 2.4 0 7
Eric Lynch 5 5 1.0 0 2
Lee Cole 2 2 1.0 0 2
Chris Brantley 1 0 0.0 0 0
David Wing 1 0 0.0 0 0
TOTALS 274 1000 3.6 5 44
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD Lg
Chris Miller 34 527 15.5 1 53
Terence Davis 18 289 16.1 0 29
Willy Tate 15 174 11.6 2 29t
Carey Bender 15 153 10.2 0 22
Vernon Turner 13 127 9.8 0 29
Chris Brantley 11 139 12.6 1 22
Dino Philyaw 10 96 9.6 2 43t
Miles Macik 9 123 13.7 0 36
Scott Couper 7 68 9.7 1 14
Jerry Reese 5 64 12.8 0 14
J.J. Smith 5 49 9.8 0 23
Nachi Abe 4 40 10.0 0 21
Eric Lynch 3 61 20.3 0 40
Masato Itai 3 37 12.3 0 21
TOTALS 152 1947 12.8 7 53
Kickoff Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
Chris Miller 10 189 18.9 0 0 31
Vernon Turner 7 108 15.4 0 0 23
J.J. Smith 5 97 19.4 0 0 25
Dino Philyaw 4 88 22.0 0 0 26
Carey Bender 4 63 15.8 0 0 24
Terence Davis 3 49 16.3 0 0 20
Kory Blackwell 1 21 21.0 0 0 21
Cedric Samuel 1 8 8.0 0 0 8
Alan Campos 1 7 7.0 0 0 7
TOTALS 36 630 17.5 0 0 31
Punt Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
Chris Miller 14 94 6.7 5 0 20
J.J. Smith 6 43 7.2 1 0 12
Chris Brantley 4 36 9.0 0 0 14
Vernon Turner 2 18 9.0 0 0 18
Carey Bender 1 0 0.0 0 0 0
Jerry Reese 1 -3 -3.0 0 0 -3
TOTALS 28 188 6.7 6 0 20
Punting Punts Yds Avg Lg TB In20 Blk Ret Yds Net
David Wing 53 1998 37.7 61 3 15 0 19 113 34.4
TOTALS 53 1998 37.7 61 3 15 0 19 113 34.4
Kicking PAT FG 0-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Lg Pts
Gary Parker 12/13 13/16 2/29/112/30/00/031 51
Jon Baker 0/0 6/7 0/00/02/24/40/145 18
TOTALS 12/13 19/23 2/2 9/11 4/5 4/4 0/0 45 69
Defense Sacks Loss Ints Yds Avg TDs Lg
Kory Blackwell 0.0 -- 3 65 21.7 1 32
Steve Brannon 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Eddie Cade 0.0 -- 1 0 0.0 0 0
Alan Campos 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Lee Cole 0.5 -- 0 0 0 0 0
John DeWitt 1.0 -- 1 0 0.0 0 0
Robert Flickinger 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Kerry Hicks 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
James Johnson 0.0 -- 1 3 3.0 0 3
Brad Keeney 5.5 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Mark Lee 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Cedric Samuel 0.0 -- 1 0 0.0 0 0
Team 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
TOTALS 15.0 0.0 7 68 9.7 1 32

1998 NFL Europe League Standings

Team W L T Pct PF PA Home Away
Amsterdam Admirals 7 3 0 .700 205 174 4-1-0 3-2-0
Frankfurt Galaxy 7 3 0 .700 177 163 3-2-0 4-1-0
Rhein Fire 7 3 0 .700 198 142 4-1-0 3-2-0
Barcelona Dragons 4 6 0 .400 185 200 3-2-0 1-4-0
England Monarchs 3 7 0 .300 158 205 2-3-0 1-4-0
Scottish Claymores 2 8 0 .200 153 192 2-3-0 0-5-0

Claymores Dominate but Dragons Beat the Sword

Scottish Claymores 18, Barcelona Dragons 19.
THE Claymores suffered the sting of a cruel defeat in Barcelona, Sunday, when JIM CRINER'S side lost out narrowly to reigning World Bowl champion Dragons in the NFL Europe League's opening weekend's battle of the champions at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium.

Carey Bender Bright Spot : Carey Bender
Kicker GARY PARKER had a chance to steal victory for the Scots with seven seconds remaining, but slipped on his approach to a 31-yard potential match-winning field goal strike, pushing the kick wide right.

It was a cruel blow for the Bravehearts who had dominated throughout the first half of the match and finished the game with 440 yards total offense to Barca's 160 yards.

But it was three key turnovers - two of them in the third quarter - which blunted the Claymores 15-7 half-time edge, gifting the Dragons 12 points and a come-from-behind victory which Jack Bicknell's team secured in the fourth quarter through Jim Ritchey's crucial one-yard quarterback sneak.

"The best team did not win the ball game today," said disappointed Claymores head coach JIM CRINER. "It's a tough way to lose any game but we have to take a lot of positive things from our performance, keep working and stay positive.

Defense Highland Sting Defense
"This match was not decided on the missed kick. Gary had one hell of a game scoring three field goals to put us in a winning position. I had every confidence in him making the kick. I would have no hesitation in putting him in again in the same situation."

Parker remained upbeat afterwards, saying: "I was one foot away from being a hero but my plant foot slipped and I pushed the kick right."

And the former Scotland A player added: "I've kicked to win games and I've also missed kicks to lose. I've been in this situation before, but the main thing now is to put it behind me and look forward. The guys have been great and rallied round afterwards.

"We've got a lot of positive things to take from this match. I should have made the kick but, unfortunately, it wasn't to be."

The Claymores opened the scoring when Parker nailed a 27-yard field goal six minutes into the first quarter.

Quarterback JIM BALLARD, who was 22 of 31 for a staggering 323 passing yards at the end of the match, got the offense moving on the Scots next drive zipping a 20-yard pass to Chicago Bears allocated wide receiver CHRIS MILLER.

Miller was stripped of possession as he ran down the hashmarks after the catch but Buffalo Bills wide out JERRY REESE was quick to react scooping up the fumble, taking it 55-yards for a stunning touchdown, and, after a failed two point conversion, a 9-0 lead.

The Dragons hit back handing the ball to former Washington Redskin REGGIE BROOKS who dived over from one yard to make it 9-7. But Parker increased the Claymores advantage confidently striking field goals of 25 and 19 yards to make it 15-7 at the half.

However, the Bravhearts were to suffer a nightmare third quarter intiated when former Buffalo Bills rusher CAREY BENDER - who had enjoyed a great first half notching up 53 yards rushing - fumbled the ball on a dive play on the Claymores first drive of the second half.

Barcelona capitalised putting together a 12-play drive capped when Brooks dived into the endzone - again from one yard out - for his second score. The Dragons failed with the extra point but were now only down 15-13.

Another fumble - this time when wide receiver MILES MACIK was stripped of the ball - handed possession back to the Dragons at the Scots' 27-yard line.

Barcelona continued to capitalise on the Claymores mistakes when quarterback JIM RITCHEY sneaked in from one yard and Spanish kicker Rafa Garcia kicked the PAT to give the Dragons a 19-15 lead.

Miami Dolphins allocated kicker JON BAKER booted a 34-yard field goal on the Claymores next possession but with time running out, the Scots were still behind 19-18.

Two superb defensive stands led by Claymores middle linebacker EMMETT WALDRON stuffed the Dragons on their next two series maintaining Scots hopes.

With two minutes remaining, Ballard turned to Bender and Macik to move the Claymores into field goal range, and with seven seconds left Criner sent in Parker to attempt to win the game from 31 yards.

But the Gala rugby player/coach slipped on his approach and the ball drifted a yard wide of the right upright.

The Claymores (0-1) travel to Amsterdam this Sunday (April 12) to take on the Admirals (0-1). Like the Scots, Amsterdam were unlucky to be edged out 16-13 by Rhein Fire on Saturday night.

Frankfurt Galaxy got their season off to a flyer when they destroyed England Monarchs 36-13 at Crystal Palace, London, Sunday.

Scoring Summary 1 2 3 4 Total
Scotland 18
Barcelona 0 7 6 6 19

1st quarter
Sco - FG Garry Parker 27
Sco - Jerry Reese 55 fumble return (two point conversion failed)
2nd quarter
Bar - Reggie Brooks 1 run (Jesus Angoy kick)
Sco - FG Garry Parker 25
Sco - FG Garry Parker 18
3rd quarter
Bar - Gary Brown 1 run (two point conversion failed)
4th quarter
Bar - Jim Ritchey 1 run (two point conversion failed)
Sco - FG Jon Baker 35

Team statistics Sco Bar
First Downs 22 12
Rushing 6 5
Passing 14 5
Penalty 2 2
3rd down eff. 4-9 4-13
4th down eff. 0-0 2-2
Total net yards 440 160
Total plays 58 52
Average gain 7.6 3.1
Net yards rushing 123 59
Rushes 26 27
Average per rush 4.7 2.2
Net yards passing 317 101
Completed-attempted 22-31 11-25
Yards per pass 9.9 4.0
Sacked-yards lost 1-6 0-0
Had intercepted 1 0
Punts-Average 1-35.0 7-46.4
Return yardage 51 89
Punt returns 1-6 1-4
Kickoff returns 4-45 5-58
Interception returns 0-0 1-27
Penalties-yards 8-54 5-51
Fumbles-Balls lost 5-3 0-0
Time of possession 33:07 26:53


MISSED FIELD GOALS: Scotland (Garry Parker 23); Barcelona (Jesus Angoy 45).

SCOTLAND RUSHING: Carey Bender 20-108, Jim Ballard 3-9, Eric Lynch 2-3, Dino Philyaw 1-3.

BARCELONA RUSHING: Reggie Brooks 11-21, Jim Ritchey 8-20, Earnest Hunter 8-18.

SCOTLAND PASSING: Jim Ballard 22-31 for 323 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD.

BARCELONA PASSING: Jim Ritchey 11-25 for 101 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD.

SCOTLAND RECEIVING: Miles Macik 5-75, Chris Miller 4-73, Jerry Reese 4-52, Carey Bender 4-38, Eric Lynch 2-49, Nachi Abe 2-25, Dino Philyaw 1-11.

BARCELONA RECEIVING: Marco Martos 3-30, Earnest Hunter 3-24, Isaiah Mustafa 2-3, Anthony Ladd 1-30, Kotto Cotton 1-8, Reggie Brooks 1-6.


Claymores Sunk by the Admirals

Sunday April 14 - Amsterdam ArenA
Scottish Claymores 3, Amsterdam Admirals 26

THE Claymores suffered their second defeat of the 1998 NFL Europe League season going down 26-3 to Al Luginbill¹s Admirals in front of 22,614 fans in the Amsterdam Arena.

Jim Ballard
QB Ballard takes a snap on a disappointing day for the Claymores

LB Johnson
LB Johnson makes a stop
Despite opening the scoring through Gary Parker's 22-yard second-quarter field goal, the Scots never found their form on a night of disappointments in the ArenA.

Quarterback Jim Ballard found the going tough completing 11 passes for 113 yards while running back Carey Bender was limited to just 34 yards on 10 carries as Amsterdam's defence blunted the Claymores attack.

Admirals quarterback Kurt Warner got the Dutch moving with a 20-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Todd Doxzen before handing off to running back Malcolm Thomas who, despite a valiant goalline stand from the Scots defence, dived over from one yard to give Amsterdam a 14-3 half-time lead.

Warner kept the Admirals flag flying in the third quarter when he linked up with wide receiver Jason Shelley for a five yard touchdown strike to make it 20-3.

National kicker Silvio Diliberto put the game beyond the Scots converting two field goals from 30 and 19 yards in the fourth quarter to wrap the match up at 26-3.

Afterwards head coach Jim Criner said: "I was really disappointed with our execution both offensively and defensively. Our players played hard but we didn't get the job done.

"Our preparation had been hampered due to bad weather and injury but saying that I feel Amsterdam were the team that brought the game to us and we just didn¹t respond."

And the head coach added: "We've got to regroup and get things moving in the right direction."

Scoring Summary 1 2 3 4 Total
Amsterdam 0 14 6 6 26

2nd quarter
Sco - FG Gary Parker 22
Ams - Todd Doxzon 20 pass from Kurt Warner (Silvio Diliberto kick)
Ams - Malcolm Thomas 1 run (Silvio Diliberto kick)
3rd quarter
Ams - Jason Shelley 5 pass from Kurt Warner (kick failed)
4th quarter
Ams - FG Silvio Diliberto 30
Ams - FG Silvio Diliberto 19

Team statistics Sco Ams
First Downs 8 25
Rushing 3 10
Passing 5 15
Penalty 0 0
3rd down eff. 4-13 9-16
4th down eff. 0-1 1-1
Total net yards 126 393
Total plays 47 72
Average gain 2.7 5.5
Net yards rushing 25 147
Rushes 18 37
Average per rush 1.4 4.0
Net yards passing 101 246
Completed-attempted 11-26 21-35
Yards per pass 3.5 7.0
Sacked-yards lost 3-12 0-0
Had intercepted 1 0
Punts-Average 7-36.0 3-33.3
Return yardage 139 49
Punt returns 2-14 2-3
Kickoff returns 6-125 2-30
Interception returns 0-0 1-16
Penalties-yards 6-50 1-6
Fumbles-Balls lost 1-0 3-1
Time of possession 25:02 34:58


MISSED FIELD GOALS: Amsterdam (Silvio Diliberto 40).

SCOTLAND RUSHING: Carey Bender 10-34, Dino Philyaw 3-6, Eric Lynch 3-2, Jim Ballard 1-minus 2, David Wing 1-minus 15.

AMSTERDAM RUSHING: Malcolm Thomas 18-88, Ralph Dawkins 14-54, Jake Delhomme 1-5, Kurt Warner 4-0.

SCOTLAND PASSING: Jim Ballard 11-26 for 113 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD.

AMSTERDAM PASSING: Kurt Warner 18-27 for 187 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD, Jake Delhomme 3-8 for 59 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD.

SCOTLAND RECEIVING: Chris Brantley 3-42, Chris Miller 3-30, Masato Itai 2-16, Eric Lynch 1-12, Carey Bender 1-7, Dino Philyaw 1-6.

AMSTERDAM RECEIVING: Joe Douglass 6-45, Jason Shelley 4-44, Todd Doxzon 3-63, Frank Temming 3-27, James Kidd 2-29, Malcolm Thomas 1-21, Josh Wilcox 1-16, Ralph Dawkins 1-1.



Claymores Burnt by the Fire

Scottish Claymores 10, Rhein Fire 20
Murrayfield Stadium - RHEIN Fire maintained their unbeaten start to the NFL Europe League season by handing the Claymores their third defeat of the 1998 campaign with a 20-10 victory at Murrayfield.

Chris Brantley Chris Brantley gets caught up in the Fire Defense
Rhein quarterback MIKE QUINN was on fire passing for 235 yards and two touchdowns.

Remarkably, Claymores quarterback JIM BALLARD passed for the same number of yards and one touchdown but suffered three crippling interceptions allowing Rhein to come out on top.

Afterwards head coach JIM CRINER said: "Our preparation was good but our execution wasn't. We're still making mistakes we shouldn't be making. You can't afford to turn the ball over in this league and expect to win games."

The visitors opened the scoring in front of a crowd of 8,249 at Murrayfield when German kicker Manfred Burgsmuller booted an 18-yard field goal at the start of the second quarter.

DINO PHILYAW got the Claymores moving on the restart kick off with a 26-yard return. Fellow running back CAREY BENDER moved the Scots into Rhein territory with a 21-yard burst off left tackle.

Ballard then threw a short pass to Philyaw who darted between tacklers and powered 43 yards into the endzone for a spectacular touchdown. Kicker [url=/team/players/1998/parker.php]GARY PARKER [/url] converted the extra point and the Claymores were up 7-3.

Dino Philyaw Dino Philyaw breaks loose
On the Scots next offensive series Ballard¹s pass intended for wide receiver MILES MACIK was intercepted by Fire linebacker KEVIN JEFFERSON at the Claymores 36.

Quinn then unleashed a 36-yard pass to wide out LARRY RYANS who streaked into the endzone for the touchdown. Burgsmuller was good with the PAT and Rhein took a 10-7 lead.

Ballard was intercepted for a second time on the Claymores next offensive series ­ cornerback RICHARD JONES coming up with the pick for Rhein in the Fire endzone just as the Scots looked to score.

Rhein then marched downfield and with 35 seconds left in the second quarter Quinn threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver MARCUS ROBINSON to give the Germans a 17-7 half-time lead.

A defensive battle ensued after the break, but after a 14-play drive at the end of the third quarter, Parker booted a 26-yard field goal to put the Claymores just one touchdown behind at 17-10 at the start of the fourth.

Fire responded when Burgsmuller kicked a 27-yard field goal and after Ballard was intercepted by Chris Shelling with 1:08 left in the game, Rhein ran out the clock for a 20-10 victory.

Afterwards, a disappointed Ballard said: "I know I shouldn't have thrown the interceptions ­ especially the one in the endzone which ultimately lost us a touchdown and allowed Rhein to go back up the field and score a touchdown themselves.

"I may be trying to force things to happen because we are all a little anxious because of the way the season has started for us. I may be trying to do too much myself instead of taking what the defense gives me."

The Claymores (0-3) go back on the road this coming weekend when they take on England Monarchs (0-3) at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium this Sunday.

In other NFL Europe League action this weekend Barcelona Dragons lost 41-28 at home to Amsterdam Admirals while the Monarchs were edged out 23-17 in overtime away to Frankfurt Galaxy.

Claymores Lose Auld Enemy Battle

Scottish Claymores 10, England Monarchs 14
AN injury-crippled Claymores side fought valiantly but lost out 14-10 to the England Monarchs in the first Auld Enemy clash of the 1998 NFL Europe League season at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium.

Defense The Highland Sting Defense takes on the English
Five key first-half injuries, which wiped out the Claymores offensive backfield, proved too much of a burden to overcome for JIM CRINER'S side which has slumped to 0-4 for the first time in franchise history.

However, following the defeat, the head coach vowed that his Bravehearts will battle on, saying: "We might be 0-4 but we're not throwing in the towel just yet. Barcelona reached the World Bowl last season with a 5-5 record and Frankfurt made it there the year before at 6-4. We are not out of this thing by any stretch of the imagination."

Among the casualties were quarterback JIM BALLARD, running backs DINO PHILYAW and CAREY BENDER, offensive guard PURVIS HUNT and wide receiver MILES MACIK.

Heroically, Hunt and Bender managed to return to the game in the second half after suffering first quarter knocks - the little running back proving he has a huge heart pounding out 114 yards on 31 carries despite being in obvious pain throughout.

Criner paid tribute to the battling Bravehearts saying: "I'm proud of the effort our players gave today. It was a valiant effort in the face of enormous odds. Unfortunately, the injury situation took us out of our gameplan however, I thought it was a real gutsy performance from our team.

"I can't say enough about Carey Bender who knew the predicament we were in and, despite the fact that he was hurting, came back in to play."

The Claymores went in front when Bender powered them into scoring range on the Scots first possession and Ballard found Philyaw in the endzone on an eight-yard touchdown pass to cap a 15-play drive. GARY PARKER hit the extra point and the Claymores led 7-0.

Bender Despite injuries, Bender had another storming game
The Monarchs hit back when quarterback JOSH LaROCCA directed a 37-yard touchdown pass to Kansas City Chiefs allocated wide receiver REGGIE JONES. English kicker ROB HART converted the PAT and the scores were tied at seven.

The Scots cause was dealt a severe blow when, first guard Purvis Hunt had to leave the game with a knee twist followed by Ballard who suffered a shoulder injury when he was sacked by Uhuru Hamiter. Shortly after, wide out Macik left the game with a hip injury.

MARK GRIEB replaced Ballard directing the Scots to the England ten, but the drive stalled and Parker's attempt at a 27-yard field goal was pushed wide right.

The injuries continued when Philyaw left the field just before the half with bruised ribs leaving Bender and safety LEE COLE to carry the load.

Parker got on the scoreboard at the start of the second half nailing a 32-yard field goal to give the Scots a 10-7 lead, however, the Monarchs replied when LaRocca unleashed a 36-yard bomb which was hauled in in the endzone by Jones for his second TD.

It went from bad to worse for the Scots cause when Grieb was picked off by free safety DARREN STUDSTILL on the Claymores next possession. However, the Scots finally got a break when defensive end MARK LEE sacked LaRocca forcing a fumble which was scooped up by linebacker KERRY MOCK.

But again, the Claymores offensive drive stalled and kicker JON BAKER was sent on to attempt a 50-yard field goal, worth four points, which went wide left.

After a missed DON SILVERTRI field goal from 47 yards the Claymores got one last chance to steal victory and beaten up Bender was the hero again, moving the Scots back into scoring range. However, when a desperate fourth down pass from Grieb to tight end WILLY TATE fell incomplete all the Monarchs had to do was run out the 30 seconds left on the clock to secure their first victory of the season.

RHEIN FIRE maintained their unbeaten record going 4-0 with a hard-fought 13-9 victory over BARCELONA DRAGONS (2-2), while in Amsterdam FRANKFURT GALAXY moved to 3-1 following a 14-10 win over the Admirals (2-2).


Claymores Slay Dragons for First Win

Scottish Claymores 30, Barcelona Dragons 10
THE Claymores at last showed how good they have the potential to be defeating reigning World Bowl champions Barcelona Dragons 30-10 in front of just under 10,000 fans at Murrayfield Stadium.

Dino Philyaw Philyaw rampages into the endzone
The Scots gained revenge for their narrow 19-18 week one loss to Jack Bicknell's team with quarterback MARK GRIEB, in for the injured JIM BALLARD, throwing two touchdown passes to wide receivers CHRIS BRANTLEY and [url=/team/players/1998/miller.php]CHRIS MILLER [/url], while the hard-hitting 'Highland Sting' defense forced five turnovers to earn the Claymores their first win of their 1998 NFL Europe League campaign.

"That's one," said head coach JIM CRINER. "We've got a long way to go, but we got one and now we've just to keep on climbing taking each game one at a time.

"The nice thing about today, was that we didn't beat ourselves. We played against a very good football team that took advantage of the mistakes we made first time around. Today we just didn't give them those opportunities while playing with an outstanding defensive effort.

"I can't say enough about the attitide and effort of this football team. We've beaten ourselves in previous games - a lot of lesser individuals would have quit but these guys have worked hard and have never given up."

The Claymores opened the scoring when Miami Dolphins allocated kicker JON BAKER booted a 44-yard field goal to make it 3-0 to the Scots with 4:45 to go in the first quarter.

Grieb and Philyaw
Stars of the day : Dino Philyaw [24] scored on a one yard run whilst quarterback Mark Grieb [14] threw for 2 touchdowns and was voted game MVP.
The Scots added to their lead at the start of the second quarter when Grieb evaded three would-be tacklers to thread a 16-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Chris Brantley who made a diving catch in the endzone. Scots kicker GARY PARKER converted the extra point and the Claymores were 10-0 in front.

The Scots offense continued to move the ball with big gains from running back duo CAREY BENDER and DINO PHILYAW. However, the Dragons got on the scoreboard at the end of the half when JESUS ANGOY kicked a 32-yard field goal to make it 10-3 in favour of the Claymores.

After a missed 28-yard field goal attempt from Angoy to start the third quarter the Claymores marched the ball downfield with the help of two huge penalties on the Dragons, a pass interference call on cornerback Carlos Brooks when he impeded Brantley in the endzone setting the Scots up at the one yard line.

Philyaw punished the Spaniards for their infraction notching up his third touchdown of the season on a one yard dive into the endzone. Parker converted the PAT and with 10:15 left in the third the Claymores took a 17-3 lead.

Momentum continued to go the Scots way when strong safety CEDRIC SAMUEL blocked a JEFF BECKLEY punt allowing the Claymores to take over in great field position at the Dragons 23. Three plays later, Parker converted a 19-yard field goal to make it 20-3 with 6:45 to go in the third.

The Highland Sting continued to underline their dominance when end JOHN DeWITT tipped and intercepted a pass from Dragons passer JIM RITCHEY. Five plays later Grieb picked out Miller with a precise 12-yard scoring strike and with Parker's PAT the Claymores had built up a comfortable 27-3 lead.

The Dragons clawed back some ground at the start of the fourth when Ritchey fired a six-yard touchdown pass to wide out ISAIAH MUSTAFA, Angoy's extra point bringing it back to 27-10.

But the Dragons were slain on their next offensive series when Ritchey was intercepted by Claymores free safety EDDIE CADE at midfield.

Baker added another field goal from 33 yards to make it 30-10 but the Highland Sting wasn't finished. Defensive tackle TROY BAILEY recovered a Ritchey fumble, end BRAD KEENEY pitched in with a sack and cornerback KORY BLACKWELL rounded off a great defensive effort with another interception to put Barcelona out of their misery.

Head coach Criner added: "When you struggle like we struggled this year this was more than just a victory. But I relate that back to how these guys have been this year. They've done everything they've had to do to win but just haven't had any luck. So this victory is very very special for us."

Disappointed Dragons playcaller Bicknell said: "Scotland are not a 1-4 team. They should be 4-1. The first game they played us they beat us in every way except the score. Don't give up on the Claymores yet - they are still in this thing."

The 1-4 Claymores travel to Dusseldorf this Saturday to take on the undefeated Rhein Fire (5-0).


Claymores Fail to Douse the Fire

Scottish Claymores 10, Rhein Fire 17
Düsseldorf, Germany

RHEIN FIRE maintained their perfect NFL Europe League record handing the Claymores their fifth loss of the season with a hard-fought 17-10 victory in the Rheinstadion.

J.J. Smith J.J. Smith : Leading Rusher
Hampered by a stomach virus which hit eight players in the build up to the match, and the loss of running back CAREY BENDER to injury, the Claymores battled hard and were still in a position to win the game late in the fourth quarter following a 27-yard field goal from GARY PARKER and an 11-yard touchdown grab by wide receiver SCOTT COUPER.

But the Scots comeback fell short on a deperate fourth down play with 27 seconds left and Fire held on for their sixth win of the 1998 season.

Afterwards disappointed head coach JIM CRINER said: "Throughout the game we had our opportunities - we just came up short in key situations. However, I'm proud of our football team in the way they continued to battle and fight. The difference in the ball game was the first quarter when they did an excellent job of moving the football and we didn¹t adjust very well.

"We had too many players who missed practice this week because of the stomach virus. Consequently we had a difficult time in picking up some of the things that Rhein did with their defense in the first half. Missed practice time hurt us and missing Carey Bender hurt us too."

Criner continued: "I've never had to overcome as many things in a season that we didn't have control of - like the injuries when we've lost on average three players a game and just when you think you've got over that you're hit by a virus which affects eight players.

"Through all of that I can't say enough about the chararcter and the quality of the football players we have on our team, because they've never failed to show up and give a full account of themselves. This group of young men refuse to give up and keep on fighting and battling which has kept us in every ball game. It's been a very frustrating year because these guys deserve better."

'D' Claymores hard-hitting 'D' against Rhein's high powered rush offense
The head coach conceeded the Claymores, now 1-5, have a slim chance of making it to their second World Bowl. He said: "It's going to be awfully tough for us to make it now, we need so much help from everybody. I think a team can get there at 6-4. I don't know about 5-5, but I can promise you this, that our guys will play as if there is that chance.

"After the game I told the guys how proud of them I was and of the way they battled. I felt so bad because of the outcome of the game and particularly how much they'd put into it to come up short. I've been pleased with the way they've ovecome the adversity. They have never once showed up and not given it the best effort they can."

Rhein opened up the scoring when MANFRED BURGSMULLER converted a 22 yard field goal midway through the first quarter.

And Fire added to their lead at the start of the second quarter on the back of a seven-play, 47-yard scoring drive. Hard-hitting running back DERRICK CLARK barrelled Rhein into scoring range before quarterback MIKE QUINN threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to tight end HAROLD BISHOP. Burgsmuller kicked the extra point giving Rhein a 10-0 lead.

The Claymores got into the match on Rhein's next possession when strong safety CEDRIC SAMUEL intercepted Quinn deep in Fire territory. Gary Parker took advantage of the turnover just before half-time booting a 27-yard field goal to make it 10-3.

After a half-time roasting from coach Criner the Scots came out firing on all cylinders at the start of the third quarter. Running back J.J. SMITH powered the Claymores into Rhein territory before quarterback MARK GRIEB threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Scott Couper. Parker was good with the PAT and the Claymores were back on level terms at 10-10.

However, Rhein re-took the initiative at the start of the fourth quarter, quarterback Quinn directing his team on a six-play, 45 yard scoring drive capped with a 17-yard touchdown pass to wide out DIALLEO BURKS. Burgsmuller's extra point made it 17-10.

With 1:56 left in the game, the Claymores mounted a last-gasp endzone effort, Grieb connecting with TERENCE DAVIS on two big pass plays to move the Scots into scoring range at the Rhein Fire 17. But the Claymores- came up one yard short of keeping the scoring drive alive on a fourth and four - DINO PHILYAW only able to make three yards on a draw up the middle - and Rhein were able to run out the clock to maintain their unbeaten NFL Europe League record.

Parker's kick crowns the Monarchs

GARY PARKER kicked the match-winning field goal with no time left on the clock as running back Vernon Turner rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns to earn the Claymores a 27-24 victory over arch rivals England Monarchs and with it the ScottishTelecom Cup in front of 9,213 at Murrayfield Stadium.

The Cup Couper [81], Andruzzi [70], Torriero [1] and Stokes [66] celebrate winning the Scottish Telecom International Cup
The NFL Europe League's smallest player became a giant among Claymores as he put the disappointment of missing a potential match-winner in Week One against Barcelona Dragons firmly behind him blasting thourgh a 21-yard field goal to defeat the Auld Enemy and keep the Claymores' (2-5) slim World Bowl hopes alive.

"All season I've been concentrating on just hitting the ball," said the 5'6 booter afterwards. " It was a case of just standing in there and keeping my head. I always knew that after Barcelona if I was given the chance to kick the match-winner again I would be able take it.

"Sometimes those posts look about two feet wide. On this kick they looked about 50 feet wide. I just knew that the time had come. The guys had been very supportive in Barcelona and I knew that given the chance I would produce."

Delighted head coach Jim Criner paid tribute to his team saying: "This was an important game for our players in terms of giving a victory to our fans.

"We had a lot of stars today, a lot of heroes. Our coaches came in at half-time and made some changes that gave us a chance to win the game. Offensively we made the plays we had to including the one from my little Scots kicker."

Parker got two shots at the match-winner after England went offside on his first attempt from 26 yards. Head coach Criner had a few words with his kicker between the plays and joked: "When I went onto the field I threatened Gary within an inch of his life and he responded."

Parker added: "The only pressure I had was the thought of coach's size 11! That was the real pressure. When the ball went through the posts, the elation I got from looking at everyone else's faces was as good as seeing the kick go through myself. The expression on Willy Tate's face said it all and the whole place just exploded.

"The whole team did a great job. They drove the ball down the field and gave me the chance to score two field goals to help us win the game. You could say that the ghosts have been laid to rest. It's the second time I've been put in that position and fortunately this time it worked out for us."

Another hero for the Claymores was newly-signed running back sensation Turner.

The former Frankfurt Galaxy player racked up 111 yards on 27 carries standing in for the injured Carey Bender.

Said Criner: "When England had that great opening drive, we knew we were in for a real dogfight. We knew that it would take one heck of an offensive performance for us to win.

"With our injury situation, signing Vernon last week gave us a huge boost. We've been playing against him for two years now and we knew what a talent he was. When we had a chance to get him it took us about one tenth of one second to say yes. You can see that after only one week's work why he was inserted as the starter."

Vernon Turner Vernon Turner just keeps on running
Turner kept the Monarchs defence on the back foot throughout the match with punishing runs inside and cutting rushes off-tackle.

"I'd just like to thank the Claymores for giving me the chance to play football again," said the rusher. "I came off a bad situation in Frankfurt and coach Criner felt I was a good enough player to contribute on this football team.

"I've been embraced by the coaches and players here at the Claymores which made the adjustment to the new team so much easier for me. To get the opportunity to play so well today was great."

The Monarchs opened the scoring when national running back Victor Muhammed powered in from four yards with just three minutes gone. Rob Hart's PAT gave the English a 7-0 lead.

The Claymores were quick to respond when, on their first possession, quarterback Jim Ballard linked up with Turner and wide outs Chris Miller and Terence Davis to put the Scots on the one-yard line before sneaking into the endzone himself. Parker tied the score at 7-7 with the extra point.

A shoot-out was developing and on England's next series quarterback Josh LaRocca threw a 36-yard touchdown strike to wide receiver Alan Allen. Hart made the PAT to finish the first quarter with the Monarchs 14-7 in front.

Turner responded for the Scots midway through the second quarter powering into the endzone from five yards out. Parker's conversion tied the score at 14-14.

England took the lead back just before half time when LaRocca found wide out Shawn Turner in the corner of the endzone with a seven yard pass and Hart added the PAT to make it 21-14.

The Claymores got back on level terms at the start of the second half when Turner powered into the endzone around the left side of his line and Parker converted the extra point.

England's attack stalled at the start of the fourth quarter although Don Silvestri managed to convert a 42-yard field goal before Parker cancelled it out with a 27-yard effort to tie the scores at 24-24 with 1:17 left in the game.

The Claymores got the chance to win the game on England's next possession when former Monarch Steve Brannon sacked LaRocca who fumbled the ball allowing defensive tackle Brad Keeney to come up with the pigskin at the England 43.

Four plays later, with no time on the clock, Parker converted the match-winner moving the Claymores to 2-5.

Galaxy Spoil Claymores Glasgow Party

Scottish Claymores 12, Frankfurt Galaxy 15
THE Claymores played their first game in Glasgow but had their Hampden Park debut spoiled when they were beaten 15-12 by Frankfurt Galaxy, ending the Scots hopes of a World Bowl return.

Defense The Claymores Defense limited the Galaxy to just 54 yards rushing
More than 8,000 fans turned out to watch the Bravehearts first game on the West Coast. However, after enjoying the party at Hampden left disappointed as JIM CRINER'S side slumped to their sixth defeat in a match which summed up the Claymores season so far.

The Claymores had enjoyed a 12-7 lead at the break thanks to a 45-yard [url=/team/players/1998/baker.php]JON BAKER [/url] field goal and a 29-yard touchdown pass from quarterback JIM BALLARD to tight end WILLY TATE.

However, a missed extra point and field goal by GARY PARKER, although the little kicker did manage a 22-yard field goal conversion in the second quarter, costs the Scots dearly as Galaxy played party-poopers with a match-winning eight-yard touchdown lob from DAMON HUARD to wide receiver DARRICK BRANCH.

"This was a very disappointing loss for us," said head coach Criner afterwards. "I thought with the opportunities we had in the first half we could have hung on to win. But in the second half we had too many breakdowns and we missed too many opportunities. In the end we just didn't make the big plays to win the game."

And Criner paid tribute to the Claymores first Glasgow crowd saying: "Our fans were magnificent. If we played as well as they cheered we would have won the ball game."

Jon Baker Jon Baker's field goal gave the Claymores an early lead
The Claymores opened the scoring with 5:46 to go in the first quarter with Baker's 45-yard kick.

Galaxy hit back five minutes later when Huard found Branch in the corner of the end zone for his first score. Ralph Kleinmann hit the PAT and Frankfurt led 7-3.

The Claymores responded at the start of the second quarter with Ballard directing his team on a five-play scoring drive capped with a 29-yard touchdown strike to tight end Tate.

Parker missed the extra point but made amends on the Scots next offensive series booting a 22-yard field goal through the Hampden swirl.

Momentum continued to go the Claymores way when free safety JAMES JOHNSON picked off Huard as he attempted to find wide receiver MITCHELL GALLOWAY.

However, the Scots couldn't capitalise when the swirl defeated Parker on a 36-yard field goal strike which drifted wide left.

The swirling winds inside Hampden were playing havoc with Galaxy's kicking game too, Kleinmann missing two kicks from 48 and 36 yards in a scoreless third quarter.

But Galaxy exploded at the start of the fourth when Huard unleashed a 72 yard bomb to MARIO BAILEY before firing the decisive eight-yard pass to Branch. Frankfurt elected to go for two points and converted when Huard hit JORG HECKENBACH in the end zone to make it 15-12.

With 1:39 remaining in the game the Claymores had a last chance at salvaging the match but Ballard was intercepted by linebacker SHAWN BANKS allowing Frankfurt to run out the clock for the win.

Claymores head coach Criner added: "It has been a very frustrating season for us, but the players have kept their chins up and deserve an opportunity to get a couple of wins in our last two ball games.

"There will be no let up. They deserve better and so does Scotland. We've got to do everything we can during these remaining games to be in a position to win, for the good of everybody."

Claymores Fall to First Defeat in Waldstadion

THE CLAYMORES fell to their first defeat in the Waldstadion when they lost 21-10 to Frankfurt Galaxy in front of 35,000 in the penultimate week of the NFL Europe League season.

Criner and Ballard Head Coach Jim Criner talks to quarterback Jim Ballard on the sidelines in Frankfurt
Two fourth quarter touchdowns - an eight yard pass from Galaxy quarterback DAMON HUARD to running back JERMAINE CHANEY and a one-yard sneak from Huard - proved decisive as Frankfurt maintained their drive to meet German rivals Rhein Fire at home in the Waldstadion in World Bowl 98.

The late strikes overcame a 13-yard touchdown strike for the Claymores - already out of World Bowl contention - from quarterback JIM BALLARD to tight end WILLY TATE and a 24-yard GARY PARKER field goal which gave the Scots a 10-7 lead going into the final period.

The Germans had opened the scoring at the end of the first quarter when Huard threw a short pass to wide receiver MITCHELL GALLOWAY who broke through the Claymores secondary to race 63 yards for the touchdown.

Afterwards, Claymores head coach JIM CRINER said: "We were beginning to think we could never lose in the Waldstadion, but I guess Galaxy finally got us.

"They made the big plays when they had to. On the contrary we failed to make big plays and had to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown at a pivotal point in the game."

Following Galloway's opening score the Claymores hit back at the start of the second quarter when Ballard threaded a 13-yard pass to Tate who made a diving catch in the Galaxy end zone. Parker tied the match at seven with the extra point.

Tate's Touchdown catch Willy Tate again scored a touchdown
Galaxy had the chance to take the lead just before the break, however a 36-yard field goal attempt from RALF KLEINMANN drifted wide left.

The Claymores started the second half on a high when cornerback KORY BLACKWELL intercepted Huard at the Claymores 25 racing all the way back to Frankfurt's 45.

However, the Scots failed to make the most of the turnover and had to settle for Parker's 24-yard field goal and a 10-7 lead.

Galaxy hit back at the start of the fourth quarter when Huard flipped an eight-yard pass to Chaney with Kleinmann hitting the extra point to make ot 14-10 in favour of the Germans.

Frankfurt pressed home their advantage when punter BILL KUSHNER pinned the Scots to their five yard line forcing a short punt from DAVID WING which was returned to the Claymores 25 by KENNY McENTYRE.

Galaxy then moved the ball down to the Scots goal-line where Huard dived over from one yard. Kleinmann's kick made it 21-10.

The Scots hopes died on their next series when Jim Ballard's fourth-down pass intended for wide receiver TERENCE DAVIS fell incomplete.

Galaxy's first win at home against the Scots sets up a make or break Week 10 for both Frankfurt and Amsterdam Admirals (6-3) after the Admirals defeated Rhein 21-17 in front of 17,000 in the ArenA on Saturday night. The Claymores - while not going to the Bowl themselves - will be pivotal in the outcome of the final Bowl berth when the Scots meet the Admirals at Murrayfield in the final game of the NFL Europe League regular season this Sunday.

Al Luginbill's side must beat the Claymores to have any chance of making the final while all Frankfurt have to do is beat Rhein in the Rheinstadion to set up a World Bowl battle of the Tuetons.

Claymores Pipped at the Death by Admirals

Scottish Claymores 23, Amsterdam Admirals 26
DESPITE a valiant fight the Claymores fell to their eighth defeat with a 26-23 loss to Amsterdam Admirals at Murrayfield Stadium rounding out the Scots 1998 NFL Europe League regular season.

Defense Claymores Defense
A 17-yard pass from Admirals quarterback KURT WARNER to wide receiver JUAN DANIELS with 1:51 to play proved decisive after the Claymores had taken a 23-20 fourth quarter lead thanks to a 42-yard field goal from Miami Dolphins allocated kicker JON BAKER and a 30-yard field goal from Scots kicker GARY PARKER.

The Claymores had taken a 17-13 lead early in the final period when New York Giants allocated cornerback KORY BLACKWELL picked off a Warner pass returning the interception 29 yards for the touchdown.

But Kory's joy turned to agony at the end of the match when his near interception tipped up and into the hands of waiting receiver Daniels.

Afterwards, head coach JIM CRINER summed up the frustration saying: "It looked like an interception but when the ball broke off Kory's fingertips and into the hands of their receiver for the touchdown the whole season flashed before my eyes.

"I guess it kind of sums up our luck this year. We've just been snake bitten every time we were in a position to win. This was the season that just wasn't meant to be.

Kurt Warner Admirals QB Kurt Warner
"But I'm very proud of our guys. This has been a special group of players to work with - we just haven't had the luck on the field."

The Dutch opened the scoring when Warner threw a four-yard touchdown pass to Dutch national running back FRANK TEMMINGS with 7:02 gone in the first quarter. JEFF RUSSELL, standing in for the injured SILVIO DILIBERTO, kicked the extra point and the Admirals led 7-0.

The Scots hit back at the end of the first when running back J.J.SMITH capped a 13-play, 76-yard scoring drive with a three-yard touchdown run. Parker kicked the PAT and the scores were tied at 7-7.

The Claymores kept the momentum going their way when Buffalo Bills allocated quarterback JIM BALLARD linked up with wide receiver TERENCE DAVIS on a 23-yard pass which allowed Baker to boot a 40-yard field goal for 10-7 half-time lead.

But the Admirals hit back at the end of the third quarter when running back MALCOLM THOMAS bulldozed into the end zone from five yards. Russell missed the PAT when his shot hit the upright although Amsterdam still had a 13-10 lead going into the fourth quarter.

A bobbled pass from Warner to wide out JAMES KIDD was snapped up by Blackwell who raced 29 yards into the end zone for the score, Parker giving the Scots a 17-13 lead with the extra point conversion.

But the Dutch replied three minutes later when running back RALPH DAWKINS powered into the end zone from ten yards out - Russell's PAT making it 20-17 to the Admirals.

The Claymores tied the match then took the lead with Baker and Parker's field goals but where denied victory with less than two minutes remaining when Warner's pass was tipped by Blackwell only to fall into the hands of Daniels for the match-winner.