2002 Season

2002 Scottish Claymores Game by Game

Date Opponent Result Record Attendance
04/14/2002 (Sun) Barcelona Dragons W, 45-17 1-0-0 11,808
04/20/2002 (Sat) @ Rhein Fire L, 13-10 1-1-0 30,117
04/27/2002 (Sat) @ Frankfurt Galaxy L, 16-9 1-2-0 31,215
05/05/2002 (Sun) Frankfurt Galaxy L, 14-10 1-3-0 9,197
05/11/2002 (Sat) @ Amsterdam Admirals W, 16-13 2-3-0 9,243
05/19/2002 (Sun) Rhein Fire W, 17-7 3-3-0 12,843
05/26/2002 (Sun) Amsterdam Admirals W, 17-13 4-3-0 10,373
06/01/2002 (Sat) @ Berlin Thunder L, 31-23 4-4-0 8,696
06/09/2002 (Sun) Berlin Thunder L, 24-23 4-5-0 11,722
06/15/2002 (Sat) @ Barcelona Dragons W, 27-24 5-5-0 8,119

2002 Scottish Claymores Roster

No Surname Firstname Position Height Weight Birth College How Acquired
77 Allen Ian T 6-4 320 22/07/1978 Purdue NFL Chiefs
20 Arnaud Robert RB 5-11 210 03/10/1976 Georgia NFL Seahawks
21 Blenman Rowelle WR 5-10 185 12/03/1967 Harper College National England
71 Borum Jarvis T 6-7 324 16/09/1978 NC State NFL Cardinals
5 Brown James QB 6-0 200 17/05/1975 Texas FA02
89 Byworth Jason WR 6-3 175 02/06/1977 None National England
33 Campbell Kofi RB 6-0 212 08/10/1976 None National
88 Carson Elliott TE 6-5 266 20/06/1978 Vanderbilt NFL Titans
80 Cavil Kwame WR 6-2 203 03/05/1979 Texas NFL Browns
72 Collins McAllister OL 6-2 307 23/04/1979 North Illinois NFL Steelers
98 Davis Pernell DT 6-2 320 19/05/1976 Alabama-B'ham FA02
12 Dreisbach Scott QB 6-3 210 16/12/1975 Michigan NFL Lions
54 Dunlap London LB 6-3 232 10/07/1977 Texas Christian FA02
74 Elisara Pita T 6-4 300 16/11/1976 Indiana NFL Eagles
91 Flickinger Robert DE 6-4 245 21/09/1971 Georgetown National England
84 Fontana Stevan TE 6-5 242 03/06/1978 Northern Arizona D8-2001
26 Franz Todd CB 6-0 194 12/04/1976 Tulsa NFL Jets
73 Fritz Luke G 6-4 296 10/08/1978 East Washington NFL Panthers
30 Gary Willie S 5-10 195 01/11/1978 Kentucky NFL Rams
86 Gilliam Dondre WR 6-0 185 09/02/1977 Millersville NFL Chargers
29 Goodman Herbert RB 5-11 205 31/08/1977 Graceland NFL Packers
50 Hare Stuart LB 6-1 220 20/05/1980 None National Scotland
8 Hart Robert K 5-10 171 04/11/1974 Murray State National England
58 Hawkes Michael LB 6-0 242 11/04/1977 Virginia Tech NFL Rams
28 Heyward-Johnson Keith CB 5-11 179 02/02/1979 Oregon State NFL Seahawks
51 Isabelle Yubrenal LB 6-0 231 04/08/1979 Virginia D4-02
11 Langley Aron P 6-0 196 31/05/1976 Wyoming NFL Texans
94 Lockhart Randall DE 6-2 255 11/05/1979 Catawba NFL Patriots
27 Louisdor Mesene CB 5-10 180 03/12/1975 Central Michigan NFL Vikings
70 Lovelady Josh G 6-3 320 28/01/1978 Houston NFL Lions
16 McCready Scott WR 6-0 200 01/02/1977 South Florida NFL Patriots
87 McKenzie Kevin WR 5-9 190 20/09/1975 Washington State NFL Raiders
85 Moses JJ WR 5-6 178 12/09/1979 Iowa State NFL Chiefs
0 Nelson Corey WR 6-1 192 09/10/1974 Boise State NFL Chiefs
63 O'Neal Matt C 6-3 265 05/05/1977 Oklahoma D2-02
52 Ortiz Tony LB 6-0 225 03/07/1977 Nebraska D7-2001
95 Peterson Devonte DT 6-2 275 01/04/1978 Catawba NFL Bills
90 Pittman Cedric DE 6-3 255 08/06/1977 Nevada D3-02
92 Procell Jarrett DE 6-2 275 04/11/1977 Louisiana Tech NFL Cardinals
46 Riley Earl S 6-0 208 23/03/1977 Washington State FA02
59 Robinson Jimmy LB 6-2 250 04/05/1976 West Illinois NFL Bills
25 Rooths James CB 5-11 210 08/06/1978 Shepherd NFL Jets
42 Shields Scott S 6-4 228 29/04/1976 Weber State NFL Dolphins
44 Sochart Peter RB 6-3 253 05/01/1974 Stevenson College National Scotland
66 Stensurd Andy T 6-7 280 26/09/1978 Iowa State NFL Giants
40 Tarver Hurley DB 6-0 186 30/11/1975 Central State Oklahoma NFL Packers
96 Tovo Tom DE 6-4 290 20/07/1971 None National England
53 Tugbenyoh Mawuko LB 6-1 245 09/04/1978 California NFL Bears
1 Tynes Lawrence K 6-0 187 03/05/1978 Troy State NFL Chiefs

2002 Scottish Claymores Statistics

Passing Att Cmp Pct Yds Avg Lg TD TD% Int Int% Sack Loss Rating
Scott Dreisbach 225 95 42.2 1154 5.13 51t 9 4.0 14 6.2 5 27 46.0
James Brown 53 29 54.7 364 6.87 38 1 1.9 2 3.8 1 0 66.9
TOTALS 278 124 44.6 1518 5.46 51t 10 3.6 16 5.8 6 27 50.0
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD Lg
Herbert Goodman 205 873 4.3 6 36t
Scott Dreisbach 16 126 7.9 0 26
James Brown 11 84 7.6 0 29
Robert Arnaud 13 38 2.9 0 7
J.J. Moses 1 12 12.0 0 12
Dondre Gilliam 1 9 9.0 0 9
Aron Langley 2 0 0.0 0 0
TOTALS 249 1142 4.6 6 36t
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD Lg
Scott McCready 22 310 14.1 2 33
Dondre Gilliam 20 400 20.0 4 51t
Elliott Carson 16 156 9.8 1 31
Kwame Cavil 15 197 13.1 0 28
Herbert Goodman 14 64 4.6 0 12
J.J. Moses 11 94 8.5 0 23
Kevin McKenzie 10 141 14.1 0 38
Stevan Fontana 10 86 8.6 2 19
Rowelle Blenman 3 34 11.3 0 14
Jason Byworth 2 32 16.0 1 20
Robert Arnaud 1 4 4.0 0 4
TOTALS 124 1518 12.2 10 51t
Kickoff Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
James Rooths 15 429 28.6 0 0 56
J.J. Moses 14 344 24.6 0 0 65
Dondre Gilliam 6 64 10.7 0 0 21
Yubrenal Isabelle 4 52 13.0 0 0 19
Stevan Fontana 1 20 20.0 0 0 20
TOTALS 40 909 22.7 0 0 65
Punt Returns Num Yds Avg FC TD Lg
J.J. Moses 25 280 11.2 4 0 68
TOTALS 25 280 11.2 4 0 68
Punting Punts Yds Avg Lg TB In20 Blk Ret Yds Net
Aron Langley 41 1722 42.0 61 1 13 2 22 154 36.0
TOTALS 41 1722 42.0 61 1 13 2 22 154 36.0
Kicking PAT FG 0-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Lg Pts
Rob Hart 20/20 10/10 0/09/91/10/00/032 50
Lawrence Tynes 0/0 9/12 0/00/03/36/70/249 27
TOTALS 20/20 19/22 0/0 9/9 4/4 6/7 0/0 49 77
Defense Sacks Loss Ints Yds Avg TDs Lg
Pernell Davis 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
London Dunlap 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Robert Flickinger 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Todd Franz 0.0 -- 1 33 33.0 1 33t
Willie Gary 0.0 -- 1 10 10.0 0 10
Michael Hawkes 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Keith Heyward-Johnson 0.0 -- 1 -5 -5.0 0 -5
Tony Ortiz 2.0 -- 2 40 20.0 0 40
Cedric Pittman 4.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Jarrett Procell 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
James Rooths 0.0 -- 2 84 42.0 1 69t
Scott Shields 0.0 -- 3 60 20.0 1 48t
Hurley Tarver 0.0 -- 2 31 15.5 0 30
Tom Tovo 3.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
Mawuko Tugbenyoh 1.0 -- 0 0 0 0 0
TOTALS 19.0 0.0 12 253 21.1 3 69t

2002 NFL Europe League Standings

Team W L T Pct PF PA Home Away
Rhein Fire 7 3 0 .700 166 156 4-1-0 3-2-0
Berlin Thunder 6 4 0 .600 231 188 3-2-0 3-2-0
Frankfurt Galaxy 6 4 0 .600 189 174 3-2-0 3-2-0
Scottish Claymores 5 5 0 .500 197 172 3-2-0 2-3-0
Amsterdam Admirals 4 6 0 .400 218 202 2-3-0 2-3-0
Barcelona Dragons 2 8 0 .200 202 311 1-4-0 1-4-0

Claymores Slay the Dragon

THE Scottish Claymores lived up to pre-season hype with a stunning performance in their NFL Europe League opener against FC Barcelona Dragons.

Herbert Goodman had 97 yards on the ground and more through the air aswell as a touchdown
The scoreline was the biggest winning margin on opening day in league history, surpassing Frankfurt Galaxy’s 45-22 defeat of London Monarchs in 1995.

The Claymores set the tone for the display, in front of 11,808 fans at Hampden, with a touchdown from Scott McCready on their very first play.

And their domination was complete well before the final minutes of the fourth quarter, when James Rooths picked off a pass from Dragons quarterback Mike Watkins and returned it 69 yards for a sensational touchdown.

The only time the Claymores looked even slightly vulnerable was in the second quarter when Dragons back-up quarterback Ted White picked out Brandon Christensen for a two yard touchdown, with a PAT by Jesus Angoy reducing the scoreline to 10-7 in Scotland’s favour.

Offensive Lineman Jarvis Borum scored on a fumble recovery in the endzone.
However, any fears the Dragons would breathe fire disappeared after half-time when Scotland ran in five touchdowns to a solitary response from the Spaniards, again via Christensen.

Scotland, whose exciting performances in training camp had whetted the appetite of their fans, were clearly keen to douse the Dragons, World Bowl finalists last year and notoriously fast starters in this league.

They were forced to punt after their first series, givng the ball to Herbert ‘Whisper’ Goodman to use to good effect.

The running back made 38 yards over eight plays to take Scotland to first and goal and Dreisbach picked off McCready in the end zone with a four yard pass with a flawless PAT from Rob Hart – who hit the mark all day – giving the Scots a seven point lead.

Hart extended his side’s lead at the start of the second quarter with a 23-yard field goal before some sutained pressure from the Dragons put Scotland, momentarily, on the back foot.

Suddenly, Dreisbach found his time in the pocket limited and the Dragons offense went into overdrive, limiting the throwing power of the Detroit Lions allocate.

Punter Aron Langley was forced to punt in the Scots’ second play, with the Dragons making their way towards the end zone, where White passed to Christensen for a two-yard touchdown.

However, any nerves were eased in the opening play of the third quarter when Dreisbach again combined with New England Patriot McCready, this time with a 26-yard pass for a touchdown.

Although the Dragons reduced the deficit to 17-10 with an Angoy field goal from 25 yards, they were soon over powered and out the game.

Scott McCready scored two touchdowns in his Claymores debut
Whisper Goodman rushed into the Dragons’ end zone from four yards and although he fumbled, it was quickly recovered for the touchdown by lineman Jarvis Borum, celebrating his first career touchdown.

How fitting Borum was on hand to take advantage of a rare Goodman slip because the offensive line offered terrific protection to Goodman all afternoon and allowed him to rush for 97 yards.

Whisper has set a lofty target of 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns this season but on this evidence it looks attainable and even his fumble – which came moments after he had been treated for an injured wrist – was soon forgotten when he put the game out of sight of the Dragons.

JJ Moses returned a Dragons punt for 68 yards, leaving Scotland 16 yards from the end zone, which was yardage Goodman devoured in three plays with Hart’s PAT putting the Claymores 31-10 ahead.

The Dragons drew a little closer on the next play when Joe Germaine picked out Christensen in the end zone with a 16 yard pass, but normal service was resumed soon afterwards.

Dreisbach found wide receiver Dondre Gilliam with a 37-yard pass deep in the Spaniards’ half, then the quarterback found tight end Elliott Carson with a three yard pass for a touchdown.

The crowd, as vocal as ever, didn’t think it could get much better but it did on the very next play when that Watkins pass was returned to the house by Rooths, who was mobbed by his team-mates, then delirious Scotland fans when the game ended moments later.


The Claymores had plenty to say after their amazing victory over FC Barcelona Dragons and, unsurprisingly, almost all of it was good.

Gene Dahlquist
"The first thing I'll say to the boys when we're next together is congratulations. In all honesty, the players were the one who were in sync, which is why things went so smoothly. The players did a nice job of being properly prepared. The players did a great job of making plays offensively and defensively, that's the bottom line. The difference this year from last? I think Ray Woodard (defensive coordinator) and Mike Deal (offensive coordinator) have assumed a bigger and bigger role so I'm now in the situation where I can think of the football team as a whole. I also know next week will be tough - in my opinion, Rhein Fire had the best defense we faced in training camp - they will not lay down enxt Saturday. And as pretty as we like to think our performance was today, I know we'll still find faults in our performance once we watch it back on tape.

Ray Woodard
We will not prove we are a good team until we show we can win on the road. Today was a good win, a good first step. Our season can be made in the next two weeks if we do things right at Rhein Fire and Frankfurt Galaxy.

James Rooths
I was looking to do some things today for the team, and the whole team did a good job in terms of their preparation. My touchdown? When I saw the ball I grabbed it and hit for the end of the field. I feel I've come a long way already with the Claymores, I played pretty good, but so did the whole team.

Scott Dreisbach
I was given a lot of protection out there and therefore a lot of time to throw. We were able to do the things we wanted. The start of the game was incredible for us, we scored in our first offensive play and that set the tome for the offense. Our defense also let the Dragons know they were there and meaning business. This si something to build on, we can still improve. We looked good today on paper and in terms of the points we scored, but I know once we look at film we'll see areas where we can improve further. We didn't know what to expect from the dragons because we haven't seen much film of them in action and had only limited scrimmage time against them. All we could do was take care of ourselves and execute the plays the way we wanted to and thankfully we did that. We will not get over-confident on the back of one good result. We have too many top class players who have played football at the highest level for that to happen.

Scott McCready
Everyone on this team can play, that's the most exciting thing. I'm trying not to worry too much about the rest of the league at this stage and what they may be thinking. We're simply concerned with ourselves. We work too hard in practice every day for us to ever run the risk of becoming over confident.

Claymores Fail to Douse the Fire as they Suffer Early Season Setback

Rhein Fire 13 Scottish Claymores 10
The Scottish Claymores’ disappointing record at Rhein Fire continues after they went down in Dusseldorf on Saturday night.

Whisper Goodman added another 96 yards to his total
The Claymores struggled to recapture the dazzling opening day display of their performance against FC Barcelona Dragons with a lacklustre performance in the Rheinstadion.

The Claymores miserable run against Rhein Fire in Germany now stretches back almost five years, though they will be hoping to return to the Rheinstadion later this season for World Bowl X.

It is now all to play for with the Scots 1-1, the same as Rhein, but the pacesetters in the league are the Amsterdam Admirals and Frankfurt Galaxy’s the Claymores’ opponents in Germany next week.

Amsterdam won 24-19 in Berlin, with Galaxy notching an impressive 54-14 win in Spain.

The Claymores now have it all to do in the Waldstadion next Saturday night, and they must improve on this performance.

The Rheinstadion was rocking pre-match with flares, rockets and smoke bombs exploding throughout the stadium. However, there was a respectful hush when kids from the Windsor School, a local school for the families of servicemen, appeared from the tunnel to form a guard of honour, waving Saltires before the Claymores took to the field moments later with the din restored to previous levels.

However, the Rhein Fire were stunned in the very first play of the game when Scotland forced them to fumble less than 20 seconds into the match.
Fire RB Tony Taylor had a field day against the Scottish defense

Lawrence Tynes kicked off to the Fire 13 yard line and Jordan Younger caught the ball and dashed to the 32 yard line. However, a crunching tackle from Hurley Tarver forced the ball to spin from his hands and London Dunlap gratefully seized on the unexpected gift, carrying it five yards to the Fire 27 yard line.

Scotland found a first down after three series of the next play, but were unable to advance further towards the end zone and Rob Hart came on to kick a 28 yard field goal and put the Claymores 3-0 in front.

Space was difficult to find and on more than one occasion Scott Dreisbach had to rush from the pocket to make yardage, but the Claymores suffered a self inflicted blow midway through the first quarter when they gave away their first turnover of the match.

Whisper Goodman had rushed 12 yards moments earlier to take the Claymores into the final third of the field, but Dreisbach’s pass on the next play, intended for Jason Byworth, was picked off by Greg Brown.

Rhein could do little with their new found possession thanks to some stellar Scottish defending – the Claymores D-Line was really dominating the Rhein offense - but the subsequent punt landed deep in the Claymores’ own half of the field. Suddenly, they were on the back foot again and, unable to make a first down, it took a punt from Aron Langley on the fourth down to relieve the pressure.

The quarter ended with the Claymores still three points in front, but the fascinating battle that was developing was illustrated perfectly in the opening minutes of the second quarters as both teams forced errors.

Firstly, London Dunlap sacked Rhein quarterback Tee Martin, with D-lineman Cedric Pittman recovering the forced fumble to send the Scotland bench wild with delight.

But delight turned to despair in the very next play when the Claymores turned the ball over again and this time it was Earthwind Moreland who seized on a Scott Dreisbach pass in midfield intended for JJ Moses.

Nevertheless, the Scotland defence was again making it difficult for Fire to penetrate and they were forced to attempt a 42 yard field goal, which thankfully for the Claymores, kicker Jason Witzcak kicked wide and left to keep the visitors’ lead intact.
The Claymores could do little on their next series, eventually punting to give Rhein a sustained period of pressure, but still the Claymores defence stood firm and though Fire moved the ball deep into opposition territory in 10 plays they were unable to make a touchdown.
JJ Moses added 2 receptions on a dull day for Scottish recievers

However, veteran kicker Manny Burgsmuller did pull them level at the end of that series, with two minutes left in the first half, with a 36 yard field goal as their possession eventually bore fruit.

Rhein were beginning to dominate an absorbing contest and force errors from the Claymores and several times they were penalised for petty infringements that cost them expensive yardage.

The Claymores looked anxious for half-time as they were almost permanently camped in their own third of the field, with little chance of escape. They were forced to punt on the fourth down with less than a minute remaining, but again turned over the ball.

This time, punter Aron Langley’s kick was blocked by DJ Dinkins and Tim Johnson recovered the fumble on the Claymores’ 21 yard line though thankfully the defense held out as the half time whistle blew to relief from the Scotland bench, if not the vast majority of the 30,117 crowd.

The Claymores continued to struggle to get into the groove and their outstanding opening day performance against FC Barcelona Dragons seemed a long time in the past. Dreisbach was struggling to find wide receivers open and running back Herbert Goodman found space hard to come by against the Fire defense.

Their evening was summed up with five minutes left in the third quarter when another fruitless spell of Claymores possession resulted in punter Langley returning to the field. However, the ball was snapped to him by Pita Elisara way over his head and he was forced to retrieve it and scramble to his 31 yard line.

Yet there were still glimmers of hope for the Claymores, most notably when Fire passer Tee Martin was sacked for the second time in the game with little under three minutes remaining in the quarter.

This time D-lineman Jarrett Procell made it round the back to pounce on Martin, allocated from the Steelers, and when the ball sprung loose linebacker London Dunlap was first to react to give the Claymores possession but, frustratingly, they were again unable to make it pay.

The Claymores paid the price early in the fourth quarter when Fire went in front for the first time in the game – and it was a sore one to lose. The Claymores defense had forced Fire to kick on a fourth and 10 deep in their own half and punter Dirk Johnson took to the field.

He was immediately put under pressure but sidestepped the challenge from Yubrenal Isabelle almost in his own endzone and found a space open to dash 36 yards for a first down. Fire, handed the impetus, forced their way further forward until Tee Martin picked out wide receiver Jimmy Robinson deep in the Claymores end zone for the first touchdown of the game, with Burgsmuller adding the PAT.

The Claymores needed to respond immediately, but again turned the ball over on the very next play when Dreisbach’s pass was picked off by safety Deke Cooper who darted his way up and then across the field to the Claymores’ 29 yard line.

Fire held possession, eventually moving the ball to the Claymores 26 yard line before Witzcak took to the field to make amends for his earlier miss by sending his side further ahead, 13-3, with the 43 yard field goal.

It looked gloomy for the Claymores as night drew in around Dusseldorf but suddenly Gene Dahlquist’s team gave a glimpse of their capabilities – and they were back in the game with four minutes remaining.

At last, Whisper Goodman showed what he could do with a mazy 31 yard run that had the small pocket of 100 travelling fans in raptures as the running back took his team to the 11 yard line.

Fire were penalised two plays later for an infringement giving Scotland a first and goal and Dreisbach stepped back to deliver an 1 yard pass into the grateful arms of tight end Stevan Fontana in the Fire endzone, with Hart adding the PAT to take the score to 13-10.

Fire tried to respond immediately, but the Claymores defense was not for budging and there were sighs all round when Burgsmuller kicked a 30 yard field goal wide and left, returning possession to the Claymores with just 60 second remaining.

Scotland were desperate now, knowing one big play could win them the game, but it was not to be. Dreisbach had no other option but to throw long to Dondre Gilliam with only seconds on the clock, but the pass was intercepted and Scotland’s chance had gone.

More German Misery as Claymores Go Down at Galaxy

THE CLAYMORES woe on the road continued in Germany on Saturday night as they went down to their second defeat of the season.

Another ball flies just outside the receivers reach - the story of the night for the Claymores
n a virtual repeat of their defeat in Dusseldorf seven days earlier, the Claymores were again made to pay for an indifferent performance on offense in front of over 30,000 passionate fans in the Waldstadion.

The defense once again kept their side in the game until the fourth quarter, but the killer touch was lacking and the Claymores have now lost their last eight games on the road, an unenviable record that will hamper their World Bowl chances if there is no improvement soon.

The Claymores must now win the return at Murrayfield next Sunday, May 5, if they are to have hopes of returning to Dusseldorf on June 22 for the championship decider.

The heady optimism that followed the opening day victory over FC Barcelona Dragons now seems a long way off as Frankfurt underlined their World Bowl aspirations with a victory that gives them a 3-0 record for the season.

Amsterdam Admirals’ promising start was brought to a halt when they went down 30-27 in Spain, while Rhein Fire secured a last gasp 20-16 victory at Berlion Thunder.

In the Waldstadion, Scotland won the toss and elected to receive, with JJ Moses picking up the kick-off on his 15 yard line, returning it 20 yards to the 35.

However, Scotland were forced to punt at the end of their first series, with Aron Langley pinning the Galaxy deep at their own 12-yard line.

The punters would become a feature of the first quarter, which finished scoreless, as both offences found yardage hard to come by.

Galaxy tried to go over the top a couple of times, only to find their wide receivers well covered, whereas Scotland showed signs of developing a potent rushing game, with Herbert Goodman showing up well early on.

The Claymores run defense was strong limiting the potent Galaxy ground attack
He rushed for 14 yards on two plays in the very first series and darted through the Galaxy defense for a further 29 yards as the quarter developed, but unfortunately for the Claymores his good work was in vain as their passing game struggled to bear fruit.

Indeed, Scotland’s only complete pass in the first quarter also involved Goodman, who picked the ball up wide left from Dreisbach for a gain of 12 yards.

The Claymores suffered a setback five minutes into the second quarter when they fell behind as Joe Hamilton finally connected over the top.

Claymores cornerback James Rooths appeared to be caught off guard as a 35 yard pass from the Galaxy quarterback dropped five yards over his shoulder and into the arms of wide receiver Jimi Redmond for a first and goal.

Frankfurt made the Claymores pay two plays later when Hamilton handed the ball off to Curtis Alexander, who leapt over the wall of white shirts for a one-yard touchdown, with Ola Kirmin adding the PAT to make it 7-0.
Scotland responded immediately, with Rooths making amends for his earlier concentration slip by returning the kick-off 56 yards from his 15-yard line to the Galaxy 29.

But the passing problems that have dogged the Claymores continued, with the offense again having difficulty picking up the first down.

They did not help themselves, either, when they were penalised 15 yards for an illegal block, moving them further away from the endzone.

Eventually, kicker Lawrence Tynes was forced onto the field for a 42-yard field goal attempt, which he kicked strongly between the posts to bring Scotland back into the game, 7-3.

The Claymores took encouragement from responding so quickly and pulled themselves even closer to Galaxy with seconds remaining in the first half as Dreisbach found a way over the top.

The quarterback stepped back on his 40-yard line and found Dondre Gilliam with a 40 yard pass on the Galaxy 20.

JJ Moses returns a kickoff, one of the Claymores strong points
The next two passes were incomplete, so with only three seconds left on the clock Tynes was again sent into action, this time from 37 yards. And he didn’t disappoint as his powerful kick flew between the posts to make the half-time score 7-6.

Things looked as if they were beginning to go Scotland’s way in the opening minutes of the third quarter when Hurley Tarver intercepted a Hamilton pass.

But on the very next play Goodman was hit hard as he tried to rush and fumbled. Dreisbach tried desperately to recover the ball, but he failed and Galaxy seized it on the Claymores 19-yard line.

The Claymores defence, who had kept their side in the game for the whole of the first half, again worked tirelessly to keep Galaxy from advancing further into the red zone. However, they were powerless to prevent the home side taking a 10-6 lead when Swedish kicker Kimrin knocked one between the posts from 24 yards six minutes into the second half.

The Claymores, struggling offensively, could make no advance on their next series and were punished when Hamilton again found Redmond deep in the Claymores half, this time with a 40-yard pass to the Claymores 11 yard line.
Galaxy advanced to first and goal but their hopes of a touchdown were thwarted on the third down when Jarrett Procell and Michael Hawkes broke to sack Hamilton.

Galaxy were forced to call on Kimrin again and his 27-yard field goal was true to give his side a 13-6 advantage, louldly cheered by the crowd of 31,215.

There was a shock for the Claymores on the next series when Dreisbach failed to take the field after sustaining a rib injury and was replaced by back-up quarterback James Brown for his first slice of competitive action this season.

But it was the same old story as the Claymores failed to make first down and Langley was again called upon to punt.

There was a glimmer of hope for the Claymores on their next series when Brown twice rushed from the pocket on consecutive plays to make first down and a further – yard rush from Whisper Goodman took them into the red zone.

But the killer touch was again neglecting the Scotland offense and Rob Hart was forced on for his first action of the game, kicking a 32-yard field goal to reduce the deficit to 13-9, though the Claymores badly needed that touchdown.

Time was running out and Galaxy were clearly determined to put themselves out of sight. Hamilton launched another long pass over the top and found receiver Brian McDonald, who was only prevented rushing the final 20 yards into the end zone by a last gasp tackle from cornerback Todd Franz.

Two plays later Galaxy thought they had their second touchdown, this time when running back Curtis Alexander darted into the endzone, but the Galaxy offense were penalised for holding.

Hamilton was penalised a further 15 yards for intentional grounding as Cedric Pittman prepared for the sack, but Kimrin again held his nerve to kick his side further in front, this time with a field goal for 37 yards.

The Claymores needed a big play to haul themselves back into the game, but disaster struck when Brown tried to pick out Scott McCready with a 25 yard pass, only for cornerback Ivy Corey to step up and make the interception.

The chance had gone and the Claymores' body language signalled the defeat, confirmed moments later when the clock ran to zero.

No World Bowl Repeats as Claymores Go Down to Galaxy

THERE was no repeat of World Bowl 96 as Scotland went down to defeat in their first match at Murrayfield in two years.

Brian Macdonald scores the Galaxy's first touchdown
Galaxy, who won 16-9 in the Waldstadion last weekend, completed the double over the Claymores to take them into a dominant 4-0 position after Week 4 of the 2002 NFL Europe League season.

Scotland are now 1-3 and even coach Gene Dahlquist admitted afterwards there must be improvement in his team in the weeks to come if they are to push for a place at the World Bowl on June 22.

Berlin Thunder pegged back Amsterdam Admirals at the ArenA on Friday evening with a 28-9 win , while Rhein Fire set up a mouthwatering match with Galaxy next weekend with a 31-3 victory over FC Barcelona Dragons on Saturday at the Rheinstadion.

Murrayfield was bathed in sunshine for the Claymores’ return, with World Bowl 96 favourites Scott Couper, Ben Torriero and former defensive co-ordinator Ray Willsey given a warm reception by the crowd of 9,197 at half-time.
But the day was to end in disappointment as Scotland went down to a defeat and even the outstanding contribution again made by the defense proved little crumbs for comfort.

Lawrence Tynes kicked off for the Claymores and the ball was returned by Galaxy to their 24 yard line, but they were unable to do anything with their first series. Mind you, neither were Scotland as Tynes was forced to punt with the Claymores failing to make first down.

Galaxy’s potent rushing game, which has been a feature of their season to date with running backs Curtis Alexander and Marlion Jackson credited with over 550 yards, began to show signs of paying off as they moved deep into Claymores territory.

DeVonte Peterson gets to grips with his opposite number
However, the Claymores defense again came to the rescue when Swedish kicker Ola Kimrin attempted to put the first points on the board when his side failed to make first down 33 yards out.

His kick was straight and looked to be heading between the posts until linebacker Yubrenal Isabelle leapt high to block his effort, with cornerback Hurley Tarver snatching the loose ball and returning it to the Claymores 38 yard line, ensuring the first quarter finished scoreless.

It was the first field goal the Claymores had blocked in two years when, ironically, Frankfurt Galaxy again provided the opposition.

Nevertheless, Galaxy dismay was short lived as they took the lead in the game within three minutes of the second quarter.

They moved the ball into the red zone, where Tampa Bay Buccanneers allocated quarterback Hamilton picked out wide receiver Brian MacDonald, who eluded a tackle from cornerback Todd Franz to connect with a 13 yard touchdown pass.

The Claymores needed an immediate response and found it from kick off when JJ Moses returned the ball 33 yards.

Quarterback Scott Dreisbach then scrambled 31 yards to the Galaxy 34 yard line and suddenly Scotland were in sight of goal for the first time in the game.

Unfortunately, they were unable to make first down but Tynes came on to try his luck from 42 yards and his field goal was good to reduce the deficit to 7-3.

Scotland were finding it difficult to connect on a passing game and even the usually reliable Herbert Goodman was subdued.
Galaxy, on the other hand, were making vital gains using their running game, with Alexander and Jackson proving particularly difficult for the Scotland defense to pin down.

The Claymores were giving up few big plays, but Galaxy were still making crucial gains towards the Scotland end zone, though they were unable to take full advantage of their possession.

As half-time approached the Galaxy were again given the chance to extend their lead when Kimrin, so deadly with his field goals last week in the Waldstadion, was offered an opportunity from 23 yards, but his kick flew wide and left.

The Claymores needed a stroke of inspiration to haul themselves back into the game and it duly arrived two minutes into the third quarter.

Hamilton tried an ambitious long pass down the middle, but it was too heavy and Claymores safety Scott Shields picked it off in midfield.

He immediately dashed down
the right as the crowd of 9,197 went crazy, but Shields refused to settle for running the ball out of bounds – however welcome that would have been – as Galaxy closed in.

Instead, the allocated Miami Dolphins stepped inside, cut across field then headed for the end zone for an amazing 48-yard interception return.

JJ Moses makes some positive yardage on a reception
Rob Hart then came on to kick the PAT and suddenly the Claymores found themselves in front for the first time in the game, 10-7.

Galaxy tried to respond immediately on the very next series, with Hamilton scrambling for 17 yards to the Claymores 21.

But again the Scotland defense refused to buckle and on the third and nine, with Hamilton desperate a big play, Robert Flickiner broke free of the Galaxy O-Line to sack the quarterback.

It again forced Galaxy to kick, this time from 46 yards, but Kimrin was wide and left again as the Claymores held their advantage.

Scotland appeared to take heart and looked to be in charge suddenly, with Dreisbach connecting first with Kwame Cavil for a gain of 13 yards, then with JJ Moses for 12 as their passing game showed signs of clicking.

But joy proved short-lived as Dreisbach was sacked and Scotland were forced to punt, handing possession to Galaxy who duly seized their opportunity five minutes into the fourth quarter.

They moved the ball patiently over nine plays from their own 11 yard line to the Scotland 14, with a combination of passes from Hamilton and damaging runs from Alexander, the leading rusher in the league, proving crucial.

They worked the ball patiently towards the Scotland end zone with Hamilton eventually connecting with Jamaal Fobbs for a 14 yard touchdown, with Kimrin adding the PAT.

Two series later Scotland almost turned the game on its head again when Keith Heyward Johnson intercepted a pass from Hamilton on the 50 yard line intended for wide receiver Jim Redmond.

Dreisbach then tried to go over the top with a 35 yard pass that looked set to drop into the arms of wide receiver Corey Nelson on the Galaxy 15, but he fell with the ball mid-air under a clash with Nijrell Eason which the referee ruled accidental, much to the disappointment of the home crowd.

It was to prove the last chance the Claymores had to win the game as Galaxy went on to control the clock over the next 11 plays, eventually happy to let time run out when they were again within distance of the Claymores endzone.

Amsterdam Admirals 13 Scottish Claymores 16

Amsterdam Admirals 13 Scottish Claymores 16
Claymores quarterback Scott Dreisbach threw his side right back into World Bowl contention on Saturday night with a mammoth 41-yard pass that ended their eight match losing streak on the road and might just transform their season.

QB Scott Dreisbach attempts to evade the Admirals pass rush
Dreisbach, hampered by a rib injury for the last three games, finally broke free of fitness doubts to combine with wide receiver Dondre Gilliam on the mighty fourth quarter touchdown that was the difference between the sides in this enthralling contest.

This was Scotland the brave with an offense, so often criticised this season, that dug deep when the Claymores needed them most to deliver the victory that takes them to 2:3 with everything still to play for and two home games in the next fortnight against Rhein Fire, who won 24-20 against Frankfurt Galaxy, and a return against Amsterdam.

It was Scotland the brave with a defense that played with only five men in the D-Line when Tom Tovo was ruled out with an ankle injury before the game and DeVonte Peterson broke his collarbone on the very first drive.

And it was Scotland the brave on special teams, with kickers Lawerence Tynes and Rob Hart in particular contributing nerveless performances that allowed the Claymores to claim their first road victory under head coach gene Dahlquist.

Mind you, they had to sweat in the closing seconds when Joe O’Donnell attempted a 54 yard, four point field goal that would have given his side victory.

Whisper Goodman adds to his total for rushing yards. He finished with 105.
But the Claymores breathed a sigh of relief when his kick landed short, sparking scenes of joy on the bench and among the noisy band of around 100 travelling diehard supporters.

Amsterdam kicked off to JJ Moses who, with the help of a five yard penalty for holding of the face mask, took the ball to the Claymores 38-yard line.

The Claymores could do little with their first series, failing again to make first down, a problem their opponents did not suffer as they moved the ball purposefully down the field.

However, just as the Admirals looked in danger of advancing into the red zone linebacker Tony Ortiz, the defensive captain, played a skipper’s role and came to the rescue with a brilliant interception.

Former Claymores quarterback Kevin Daft tried to pick out wide receiver Reggie Allen but threw the ball fractionally too high and although Allen got his fingertips to the ball Ortiz reacted quickest.

He pounced to snatch the ball on his own 22 yard line, returning it 40 yards to the Admirals 38.

Unfortunately, the Claymores were unable to make further significant yardage, but they at least put the first points on the board when Lawrence Tynes came on to maintain his 100 per cent record on field goals, this time finding the mark from 43 yards.

The Claymores have suffered some wretched luck in recent weeks, but they seemed to be particularly hard done by on the next series when they lost out on a disputed call.

At first, the line judges decided – rightly, it appeared on subsequent examination of a video replay – that wide receiver Marcus Knight did not have two feet in play when he caught an 11 yard pass from Daft, which would have ruled it incomplete.

To the dismay of the Claymores the decision was overturned and the Admirals worked the ball towards first and goal.

Rob Hart's field goals proved vital
Once again, the defense held firm for three downs, forcing the home team to take the field goal attempt, with Joe O’Donnell making no mistake from 22 yards to level the scores at 3-3.

The Claymores would not have been too disheartened by their performance in the first quarter, but the second started badly from such a promising second down position in midfield.

Dreisbach dropped out of the pocket and tried to pick out Scott McCready, but was well short and this time it was the Admirals’ turn to claim an interception, with Brandon Godesy picking off the pass.

The Claymores defense again worked stoutly to prevent the Admirals, with running back Rafael Cooper looking dangerous, from advancing too far down field and they were forced to turn again to their kickers.

Thankfully for the Claymores, O’Donnell was wide and right from 46 yards and it seemed to inspire Scotland who began to play with a confidence that has been lacking in much of their play since week one.

Suddenly, Dreisbach and Whisper Goodman began to click with the running back darting menacingly for 34 yards on six carries – he rushed for 105 in total - to give the Claymores their first red zone action of the match.

They were unable to reach home, but trusty kicker Rob Hart made no mistake from 28 yards as Scotland regained the lead, 6-3.

The Claymores’ very next drive saw them extend their lead still further, but satisfaction was also laced with frustration that they did not record the first touchdown of the game.

Dreisbach, his confidence restored and growing with every play, found McCready with a 27 yard pass to take the Claymores to the Admirals 11.

Two plays later, the quarterback handed the ball off to Goodman, who twisted and turned his way to the Admirals two-yard line before he was brought thumping to the ground.

Scotland were third and goal, but they shot themselves in the foot when Goodman dashed into the end zone, only to see a flag on the field.

Tight end Elliott Carson was the culprit, his false start incurring a five-yard penalty that moved Scotland back top the seven-yard line.

Dreisbach’s next pass to Dondre Gilliam was incomplete it was left to kicker Hart to return to the field and extend his side’s lead to 9-3, this time from 24 yards, which was how it stayed until half-time.

Amsterdam responded on their very first series of the second half, reducing the deficit to three points with a 44-yard field goal from O’Donnell.

RB Goodman cuts a path through the Admirals defense
The Admirals had previously rejected the chance to punt on fourth down in midfield to successfully scramble the two yards needed for first down but again their way to the red zone was blocked by the Claymores defense.

It was the turn of the Admirals defense to show their strength on the next drive, aided and abetted by indiscipline on the Claymores offense which cost them a staggering 35 yards in the fourth quarter alone.

Dreisbach’s arm was good and Whisper Goodman’s rushing was as incisive as it has been since the start of the season, yet still the Claymores were forced to yield possession and punt from their 40 yard line when they had been on the fringes of the Admirals’ 20 minutes earlier.

Worse was to follow on the next series when Cooper broke from Amsterdam’s 35 yard line and, for once, found a gaping hole in the Claymores defense, finally being tackled on the Claymores’ 20 for a gain of 45 yards.

The Admirals made the Claymores pay still further moments later when Daft picked out receiver Kenyon Hambrick, who leapt acrobatically into the endzone to connect with the 13 yard pass to make it 13-9.

Such a setback could have shattered the morale of the Claymores, but instead they responded with a series that just might make their season – and, oh, what a response.

The Claymores moved the ball sharply down the field but still had work to do on third and 12 at the Admirals 41-yard line.

Dreisbach could have played conservatively, but instead looked up and spotted Dondre Gilliam sprinting clear of the Amsterdam cornerback wide on the right.

Dreisbach’s pass arced perfectly into the outstretched arms of the wide receiver, diving at full stretch into the Amsterdam endzone and the Claymores bench exploded with delight as Gilliam landed with the ball safely in his hands.

Hart’s PAT was also good to make it 16-13 to the Claymores with little more than five minutes on the clock.

The Admirals tried desperately to respond and there was anguish on the Claymores bench when they failed to reach first down with less than two minutes on the clock that would almost inevitably have given them the game.

Instead, they were forced to yield possession but the closest they could get to the Claymores end zone in the dying seconds was 37 yards.

That left O’Donnell with that 54-yard effort to win the game and for once the ArenA fell quiet as it landed short of the posts.

Claymores Play with Fire - But It's Rhein who are Burned

The Scottish Claymores doused the Fire and made it two-in-a-row to keep them right on course for a place in the World Bowl.

For the second week running, Dondre Gilliam made a touchdown grab
Jason Byworth claimed his first ever touchdown as Scotland grabbed the crucial victory over the early season pace setters, who sat atop the NFL Europe League with a 4-1 record before the Hampden fixture.

It was not so much the manner of victory, impressive as it was, that was significant for the Claymores, coming on top of their 16-13 victory at Amsterdam the previous weekend.

The 10 point victory margin was also crucial as it gives the Claymores the advantage in the head-to-head should both sides finish with the same win-loss tally at the end of the season when it comes to deciding the teams to play in the Word Bowl in Dusseldorf on June 22.

This was a magnificent victory for the Claymores, with all units performing admirably in front of 12,823 noisy fans at the National Stadium.

The offense were on the same page, particularly in the second quarter when Byworth and Dondre Gilliam – for the second week in a row – connected with passes from Scott Dreisbach to give the Claymores their two vital touchdowns.

Special teams earned the offense advantageous field positions, particularly JJ Moses who returned a Jason Witczak kick 65 yards immediately after Fire’s opening touchdown to allow Scotland to respond streight away with that Byworth touchdown of their own.

Defense also made another mighty contribution, extinguishing completely the potent rushing game of the Fire to such an extent that the league's leading running back Jamal Robertson claimed a measly 13 yards.

Willie Gary and Scott Shields also made crucial interceptions, Gary’s in the final quarter when Fire were pushing hard for a touchdown that would have given them a glimmer of hope of taking the game into overtime.

Rhein Fire won the toss but could only return Scotland’s kick-off to their own 29 yard line. They immediately tried to establish their running game with Jamal Robertson, but the Claymores defense were all over him like a rash and the visitors were forced to punt.

Whisper Goodman, on the other hand, found first down with his first rush on the Claymores first offensive play but further yardage proved difficult to come by as the Fire defense held firm.

Elliot Carson looks to leap over Fire safety Deke Cooper
Aron Langley’s subsequent punt was precision itself, landing on the Fire 10 yard line, but the visitors worked the ball to midfield before the Claymores defense showed once more why it is one of the most feared unit in the league.

Stand-in quarterback Romaro Miller, deputising for knee injury victim Tee Martin who was being nursed on the sidelines, was shaping up on a third and six when the Claymores defense blitzed.

Tony Ortiz found a gap in the fire offense and though Miller slipped from his grasp there was no escaping D-lineman Jarrett Procell, who brought the passer tumbling to the ground.

Unfortunately, Scotland were unable to do anything with their possession, a feature of the first quarter for both sides as it finished scoreless with defenses dominant.

However, just as it looked as if the game was about to develop into a dour, defensive struggle it sparked into life in the space of two minutes midway through the second quarter.

First off, Miller began to find his throwing arm, connecting on two passes for 41 yards to take Fire to the Scotland 35 yard line.

The Claymores failed to heed the warning and within two plays Miller looked up to connect on a 33-yard pass with receiver Onome Ojo for the first touchdown of the game, with Manny Burgsmuller adding the PAT to give Fire a 7-0 lead.

Scotland the brave refused to be bowed and responded on the very next drive, with JJ Moses returning the kick 65 yards on a stunning play to take the Claymores within striking distance at the Rhein 24.

They duly took advantage when Scott Dreisbach stepped out of the pocket to connect with Jason Byworth on a 12-yard pass to give the national receiver his first ever touchdown.

He went wild with delight and Rob Hart added the PAT seconds later to take his career points total with the Claymores to 200.

As if that double celebration wasn’t enough, the Claymores went in front on the very next drive when the Fire offense got careless.

Running back Tony Taylor allowed the ball to slip from his arms on the 31 yard line and Willie Gary leapt on the fumble, returning it to the Fire 18 for 13 yards.

The noisy home crowd lapped it up, and they were even more delighted when Dreisbach connected with a 16 yard pass, finding Dondre Gilliam in the end zone for the second time in seven days to give the Claymores their second touchdown.

Mr Consistency Hart added the PAT and suddenly a second quarter that has started so miserably ended with the Claymores 14-7 in front.

The Claymores were in no mood to relinquish their lead as they stared the third quarter with the same intensity they’d finished the second.

Dreisbach was growing increasingly assured and moved the ball towards first and goal with three big pass completions.

In particular, a 33 yard pass to Scott McCready had the crowd on their feet as it took the Claymores to within a yard of the Fire red zone.

Dreisbach took Claymores to first and goal on his next play, a nine yard pass to Whisper Goodman but, unfortunately, Scotland were thwarted from adding to their touchdown tally though Rob Hart extended their lead with a 24-yard field goal to make it 17-7.

Those were the only points added to the score in a third quarter that became a war of attrition. From the Claymores point of view it was sterling stuff, with the contribution of the defense outstanding again as they prevented Fire – and their potent rushers in particular – from making first down time and again.

Jason Byworth celebrates scoring his first career NFL Europe League touchdown
As the game entered the fourth quarter, Fire needed a big play to bring themselves back into play but they sorely lacked inspiration with dangerman Jamal Robertson increasinly looking a forlorn figure on the sidelines having rushed just 13 yards.

However, the Claymores gave them a chink of light when Fire were camped deep in their own three yard line, with seemingly nowhere to go.

Two 15 yard penalties hampered the Claymores and suddenly Fire were in midfield and looking dangerous, but they reckoned with Scott Shields.

The safety, allocated from the Miami Dolphins, claimed his second interception of the season, leaping on his 27 yard line to claim a pass from Miller that was intended for wide receiver Ojo.

Shields returned it to his own 35 yard line, allowing the Claymores to control the clock with the seconds ticking away towards the end of the game.

The Claymores moved the ball patiently down field but were unable to make the red zone and Lawrence Tynes was brought on to try his luck from 42 yards, only for his kick to fall wide and right.

The Claymores almost suffered a self-inflicted wound with less than two minutes remaining when Aron Langley was forced to punt, but saw the snap from Matt O’Neal fly over his head, forcing him to scramble back and fall on the ball on his 20 yard line.

Fire went for the final push, but Gary came to the rescue with just 45 seconds remaining when he picked off a pass intended for receiver Jimmy Robinson on the Scotland four yard line, returning it to the 14.

That enabled Scotland to run out the clock and celebrate another crucial home victory that keeps the season very much alive.

Another Dre to Remember for Super Claymores

Scottish Claymores 17 Amsterdam Admirals 13
WIDE receiver Dondre Gilliam continued his one-man mission against Amsterdam Admirals as the Claymores made it three-in-a-row and set up a thrilling climax to the season.

JJ Moses congratulates Dondre Gilliam on his second TD catch of the afternoon
The man the Dutch love to hate turned match winner again to keep Gene Dahlquist’s side on course for pllce in the World Bowl on June 22.

Three weeks ago the San Diego Chargers allocate helped end a three-game losing slump with the winning touchdown in the Amsterdam ArenA.

He broke the Admirals’ hearts again on Sunday afternoon at Hampden and ended their World Bowl chances when he connected with two stunning Scott Dreisbach passes from 37 and 51 yards to claim two touchdowns.

The Claymores quarterback and his wide receivers have vowed not to shave until they are defeated – at this stage they’ll be tripping over their beards on the road to Dusseldorf later next month.

But once again the Claymores owed their defense a massive thank-you. They spent 36 minutes on the park, but restricted the Admirals to just one touchdown and two field goals with mammoth efforts from the likes of Tom Tovo, Hurley Tarver and Tony Ortiz.

They also forced the visitors into three fumbles and two interceptions as the Admirals slumped to their fifth defeat on the trot.

The Claymores looked strangely out of sorts in the first quarter as they struggled to piece together even the remnants of a running and passing game.

The Admirals, on the other hand, looked potent from the off as they went 3-0 in front on the very first drive.

Whisper Goodman again led the Scots on the ground with another 86 yards on the ground
The kick-off from Lawrence Tynes was returned to the Admirals 30-yard line for a gain of 15 by Derek Combs, but running back Rafael Cooper quickly established his rushing game.

Former Claymores quarterback Kevin Daft was soon in tune with his receivers, picking out Kenyon Hambrick for a gain of 24 yards as they edged ever closer to the Claymores red zone.

The Claymores managed to prevent first and goal when running back David Dinkins suffered a loss of 11 yards under pressure from Scotland’s defense, but Joe O’Donnell knocked the subsequent field goal from 40 yards between the posts.

The Claymores could not find an immediate response and were forced to exchange punts with Amsterdam on the next two drives but their sloppy start was characterised by on their next play when Whisper Goodman fumbled.

The Green Bay Packers allocate had charged up the middle for seven yards to the Amsterdam 37 before he allowed the ball to slip from his grasp under pressure from Clinton Hart, with Kory Blackwell falling on the loose ball.

Thankfully, Amsterdam could do little with their possession but, frustratingly, neither could the Claymores – despite Whisper’s best attempts to make amends with a carry of 29 yards. An Aron Langley punt that was downed by Scott Shields on the Admirals four yard line at least gave the home crowd of 10,373 something to cheer.

The position was to prove crucial as the game moved into the second quarter with the Admirals camped deep in their own territory and struggling for a way out.

On second down Daft tried to pick out a receiver, but the ball deflected off a helmet and into the grateful arms of Tony Ortiz to make the interception on the Admirals nine yard line.

Unfortunately, the Claymores were unable to find a way into the end zone but Rob Hart did at least bring the scores level with a field goal from 24 yards.

Coach Dahlquist celebrates with the fans after the game
Offensively, there was little else to cheer about in the second quarter though the defense’s outstanding contribution – they were on the field for almost 20 minutes in the first half alone - helped raise a cheer.

Firstly, Cooper let the ball slip under a shuddering tackle from Tom Tovo, with Michael Hawkes recovering the fumble on his own six yard line to prevent the Admirals almost certainly going back in front.

Soon after the Admirals controlled possession over an 11 play drive, but time and again the Scotland defense stepped up make crucial plays, particularly D-linemen Cedric Pittman and Tom Tovo who both claimed sacks on Daft as half-time approached.

The third quarter promised better for the Claymores, especially when Scott Dreisbach began to direct play fluently from his 47-yard line to the Admirals 19.

But, as he tried to pick out Scott McCready deep in the Admirals red zone he was picked off by safety Ray Perryman, who dashed into Scotland’s midfield, passing the ball off to fellow safety Clinton Hart to return the ball to the Claymores 39.

However, Scotland were given an immediate reprieve when Cooper fumbled on the Admirals’ second play following a tackle from Pernell Davis on the Amsterdam 41-yard line.

The Claymores could make no inroads on their next drive, but the game at last sparked into life when Hurley Tarver claimed his second interception of the season, picking off a Daft pass intended for receiver Marcus Knight on his 32 yard line, returning it to the Admirals 38.

The crowd were on their feet – and went wilder still on the very next play when Dreisbach connected over the top with Dondre Gilliam on a 37 yard pass to put the Claymores in front, with Hart adding the PAT to make it 10-3.

Amsterdam were looking for a swift response and looked to be struggling when they were trapped in midfield on a fourth and eight with the punter on the field.

Instead of kicking, they executed a brilliant fake play, with the ball passed off to running back David Dinkins who exploited rare gaps in the Claymores defense to return the ball 45 yards to the Scotland eight-yard line.

Valiantly, the Scotland defense kept the Admirals offense out the end zone, but were powerless to prevent Joe O’Donnell kicking a field goal from 27 yards to reduce the deficit to 10-6.

Suddenly, it was the Claymores who were on the back foot as the game entered the fourth quarter - and it was the Admirals who went in front with less than nine minutes remaining on the clock.

Daft worked the ball patiently down the field again before picking out receiver Kenyon Hambrick with a 21-yard pass, with O’Donnell’s PAT good to put the visitors 13-10 in front.

Scotland needed to pull something big out the bag – and that duo of Dreisbach and Gilliam promptly delivered again.

The quarterback dropped deep into the pocket in midfield, looked up and spotted Gilliam sprinting clear down the left to connect for a massive 51-yard pass and claim his second touchdown of the game, with Hart’s PAT good to give the Claymores a 17-13 lead.

Scotland carelessly conceded possession seconds after the two minute warning had sounded, leading to a frantic round of final plays as the visitors tried to make it towards the end zone.

Daft tried a desperate throw into the end zone that looked certain to be collected by the wide receiver – until Tarver leapt to palm the ball to safety.

That left Amsterdam scurrying to make a play, but the clock ran out as they tried to advance on the gruond towards the end zone – and the Claymores bench exploded in relief that their World Bowl dreams are still very much alive.

Claymores Face Hampden Do-or-Die in Thunder Re-Match

Scottish Claymores 23 - 31 Berlin Thunder
The Claymores face make or break against Berlin Thunder at Hampden next weekend if they are to keep their World Bowl dreams alive.

Whisper Goodman celebrates one of his two touchdowns
The Claymores slipped to a 31-23 defeat at the JahnStadion last night to leave them tied 4-4 with Thunder for the season.

They must now win their final two games and hope Rhein Fire slip up in their remaining two NFL Europe League games to preserve hopes of making the championship game in Dusseldorf on June 22.

Despite a promising start when they could and should have established a more comfortable lead, the Claymores allowed a 10-0 lead to slip in the first quarter and ultimately can have few complaints about the defeat.

It was a game the Claymores badly needed to win, with NFL Europe League leaders Frankfurt Galaxy and Rhein Fire both winning the previous day.

But Gene Dahlquist’s side turned the ball over six times, including twice in the red zone, and also suffered the heartache of seeing a blocked punt returned for a touchdown as Thunder turned the screw in the second half.

Cedric Pittman sacks Todd Husak
Thunder kicked off and James Rooths, back in the team but with his injured right hand still heavily bandaged, returned the ball to the Claymores 45.

Dahlquist’s side, playing in front of a live FOX Television audience back in the States, certainly looked as if they meant business as they made three first downs in quick succession to take them into the Thunder red zone.

Scott Dreisbach appeared to have established his passing game early, linking well with receiver Kwame Cavil for a 21 yard gain, and Whisper Goodman looked dangerous on the run, gathering 25 yards on his first four plays.

However, disaster struck when Dreisbach attempted to connect with tight end Elliott Carson in the end zone, only for his pass to be picked off by Jonathan Jackson.

It was a blow to the Claymores, but they were soon back in possession when Thunder were forced to punt after failing to make first down on their opening series.

Scotland’s second drive saw receiver Rowelle Blenman make his first catch of the year, but the biggest damage meted out to the Thunder defense was being inflicted by the German side themselves.

Not that the Claymores were complaining – Lawrence Tynes, for example, was wide and left with a 47 yard field goal attempt, but the Claymores were awarded five yards when Thunder strayed offside and it gave Dreisbach a first down.

He quickly helped the offense advance deep into the Thunder red zone – helped again by another penalty, this time when tight end Stevan Fontana was fouled by linebacker Bubba Alexander.

However, the Claymores were unable to connect in the end zone and it was left to Rob Hart to claim the first points of the evening, kicking the Claymores 3-0 in front with a field goal from 23 yards.

Scott Dreisbach had a miserable evening finishing with 6 interceptions
The Claymores defense was doing a sturdy job in restricting Thunder’s advances, but it was Gene Dahlquist’s offense that was catching the eye, moving the ball with pace and precision.

They were on the field for 10 minutes 39 seconds in the first quarter and their persistence paid off early in the second quarter when they went 10-0 in front.

Mind you, Thunder’s indiscipline cost them dear again – it was not enough that Dreisbach found Dondre Gilliam with a 15 yard pass completion, but the home side were penalised a further 15 yards for roughing the quarterback to take the Claymores to the 18.

Scotland established a first down moments later and Dreisbach passed the ball off to Whisper Goodman to rush into the end zone from seven yards for his second touchdown of the season, with Hart adding the PAT.

Thunder needed a response and they got it immediately on their next drive, which lasted 16 plays and almost nine minutes.

Thunder worked the ball from their 16 yard line to first and goal as quarterback Todd Husak showed his arm strength for the first time in the game.

Thunder eventually worked it to first and goal before running back Anthony White broke off left tackle and into the end zone from two yards, with Axel Kruse good with the PAT to make it 10-7 to the Claymores.

The remainder of the second quarter was one Dreisbach would probably prefer to forget as he was picked off twice.

Firstly, his pass for receiver Jason Byworth was intercepted by Ahmad Hawkins at the Thunder 35, though the Claymores defense worked hard to force Thunder to three and out on the next drive.

The Claymores looked to extend their lead as the first half drew to a close, but Dreisbach was again intercepted with 34 seconds left on the clock, picked off by Lelan Brickus as he tried to connect over the top with JJ Moses.

Brickus returned the ball 40 yards to the Claymores 38 and although they could not make it into the end zone, kicker Axel Kruse drew them level with just two seconds remaining with a 32-yard field goal.

Things went from bad to worse for the Claymores at the beginning of the second half when Thunder grabbed a lead that had looked so much beyond them in the first quarter.

Aron Langley was brought onto the field to punt when when the Claymores failed to make first down, but the Thunder defense breached the line of white shirts. Defensive End Bryant Shaw was first on the scene to block the punt, with DB Lelan Brickus returning the ball to the end zone and Kruse adding the PAT to give the home side a 17-10 lead.

The sun was going down on the Jahn Stadion and the Claymores were desperate the game did not disappear over the horizon with it.

They worked hard on the next zone to advance into the Thunder red zone, but a touchdown pass proved elusive and the Thunder defense allowed Whisper Goodman little room for manoeuvre, though Lawrence Tynes did reduce the deficit to four points with a 34-yard field goal.

On the next series Thunder gambled on fourth and short, 29 yards from goal. Instead of working the ball through the guts of the Claymores defense they attempted to pass long, but it was incomplete and possession was immediately returned to the Claymores.

They made good use of it too as Dreisbach and Gilliam combined twice for big gains, 20 yards and 38 yards, to take the Claymores into the red zone, with Goodman rushing a further six yards on the next play to take them to first and goal.

Suddenly, the Claymores were brimming with confidence and Goodman put them back in the lead when he rushed seven yards into the end zone for his second touchdown.

It was no mean feat as he was playing with a sprained ankle picked up minutes earlier when he was on the receiving end of a particularly hefty challenge.

Hart added the PAT to put the Claymores 20-17 in front - and they missed a golden opportunity to extend their lead following Thunder’s first turnover of the game on the very next play.

Running back Anthony White fumbled under pressure from Jarrett Procell and Scott Shields returned the ball from the 30 to the Thunder four-yard line.

However, the Claymores joy was short-lived when Dreisbach was picked off for the fourth time in the game – and the second time in the red zone.

JJ Moses draws close attention from a Thunder linebacker
The Claymores were second and goal when Dreisbach tried to pick out Robert Arnaud, but corner back Sam Young sawn it coming and intercepted, returning the ball to his 31-yard line.

How the Claymores badly needed that breathing space . . . instead, they entered the fourth quarter under pressure as Thunder drew inspiration from their reprieve.

They made it pay with their first drive, quarterback Husak barely pausing for breath as he marched his offense deep into Claymores territory, before he finally connected with tight end Jeff Kostrewa on a one-yard touchdown pass with Kruse adding the PAT.

Things went from bad to worse on the very next play as James Rooths fumbled the kick-off return on his 25 yard line.

Again, Husak took full advantage, connecting with wide receiver Dane Looker on a 25 yard pass into the end zone, with the trusty boot of Kruse taking the score to 31-20 with the PAT.

The Claymores tried hard to respond, but their efforts on the next series proved fruitless, with a 51-yard, four-point attempt from Lawrence Tynes falling wide and left though it appeared to have the legs.

That would have left the Claymores needing a touchdown to take the game into overtime, but that looked a taller and taller order as the clock wound down on the final quarter.

Claymores thought they had been offered a glimmer of hope with less than three minutes on the clock when Scott Shields recovered a fumble, but Dreisbach was picked off again on the very next play to return possession – and the game – to the arms of Thunder.

Lawrence Tynes kicked a 40-yard field goal in the final seconds to reduce the deficit to eight points ahead of the Hampden return.

Claymores under a Cloud as Thunder Strike Late at Hampden

Scottish Claymores 23 Berlin Thunder 24
The Scottish Claymores suffered another afternoon of frustration as they went down to a narrow defeat against Berlin Thunder at Hampden.

Cornerback Todd Franz celebrates returning an interception for a touchdown
Berlin must now win by more than four points against Frankfurt Galaxy in the Jahnstadion next weekend to clinch their place at World Bowl X in Dusseldorf on June 22.

The Claymores have only pride to play for when they travel to FC Barcelona Dragons for their final game of the NFL Europe League season – and they’ll probably still be kicking themselves at the nature of their first defeat at Hampden this season.

The Claymores were leading 23-10 going into the fourth quarter but still lost out, with an interception on a Scott Dreisbach pass midway through the quarter proving crucial.

The afternoon of frustration was summed up when Whisper Goodman claimed a new club record of 176 rushing yards, passing the 1995 total of 175 set by Siran Stacy in 1995.

But Whisper gave up his record in the Claymores final drive when he suffered a loss of yardage, dropping him back to 174.

It summed up perfectly an afternoon as interchangable as the weather – one minute the outlook was bright, the next downcast and grey.

Scotland won the toss and elected to return the kick-off, with James Rooths taking it to the Claymores’ 36 yard line. A 36-yard rush by Herbert Goodman – his longest of the season – gave the Claymores great field position on the fringes of the red zone but they were unable to make first down, though Lawrence Tynes kicked them 3-0 in front with a mighty 49-yard field goal.

The Claymores defense refused to budge on Thunder’s first drive, forcing them to punt but, encouragingly, the Scotland offense were looking in the mood.

Goodman, in particular, was providing a potent cutting edge and had rushed for 67 yards with still five minutes remianing in the first quarter as the Claymores breached the Thunder red zone for the first time in the game.

Scott Dreisbach had another hard day
Unfortunately, the Berlin wall held firm at first and goal, but Rob Hart kicked Scotland still further in front with a 21-yard field goal.

Berlin went to work on the next drive, with quarterback Todd Husak finding his arm to connect with two passes, each of 17 yards.

But there was also a moment for the Claymores to cheer when Stuart Hare, playing his first game for the club, recorded his first ever tackle, restricting running back Anthony White to a gain of only one yard.

The Claymores defense refused to give up any further plays that would have taken Thunder into the red zone, but they were still powerless to prevent Danny Boyd kicking a 38-yard field goal to take the scoreline to 6-3 early in the second quarter.

The Claymores looked primed to extend their lead on the next series when Goodman’s rushing again took them into the danger zone following a botched kick-off from Boyd, which was returned to the 50 yard line by tight end Stevan Fontana.

The Claymores then found themselves in a first and goal scenario when Thunder were penalised for roughing the passer, with Dreisbach returning to the sidelines for one play to receive treatment.

He returned seconds later, only to suffer a turnover as he looked to pick out Dondre Gilliam in the end zone. Gilliam was tackled by cornerback Ahmad Hawkins and as the ball spun free it was picked off by safety Calvin Branch who returned it to the Claymores 45.

Worse was to follow for Dreisbach, however, as he was penalised a further 15 yards for tackling Branch when he was out of bounds and suddenly the Claymores were on the backfoot.

Husak attempted to connect over the top with his receiver and the pass initially appeared incomplete before a flag landed on the field and Todd Franz was penalised for pass intereference, giving Thunder first and goal.

This time, the Claymores defense was powerless to act as running back Anthony White ran the ball into the end zone from two yards, with Axel Kruse adding the Pat to give Thunder the lead, 10-6, for the first time in the game.

The Claymores needed an immediate response and Whisper Goodman duly delivered, as he has done so often this season.

The Green Bay Packers allocate seemed to have nowhere to go when Dreisbach passed off to him, but he twisted and turned away from the Thunder defense and across the field from left to right to claim a glorious touchdown with a 36-yard run.
It was Whisper’s 155th rushing yard of the game . . . . and there were still more than three minutes to go until half-time.

Rob Hart’s trusty right foot added the PAT and suddenly the Claymores were back in front, 13-10.

As the clock ran down Thunder tried desperately to move the ball towards the Claymores end zone, but the closest they could get was a 54-yard, four point field goal attempt from Boyd, which fell short.

The start of the second half was scrappy, with neither team conceding big yards, but the Claymores soon had Thunder under the cosh again with a magnificent punt from Aron Langley that was downed by Kevin McKenzie on the visitors’ four-yard line.

Hemmed in and unable to move, Berlin were forced to punt but Brian Morton’s effort was brilliantly blocked at the 20-yard line by Robert Arnaud and recovered by Kwame Cavil on the 19.

Unfortunately, despite advancing to first and goal, the Claymores were unable to connect in the end zone, but Hart’s 22-yard field goal at least gave them further breathing space as they moved 16-10 in front.

Only 20 seconds later the Claymores were celebrating when a rare error from Husak allowed Gene Dahlquist’s side to extend their lead.

Husak looked up on his 15-yard line and attempted to connect with his receiver wide left, but cornerback Franz read the play brilliantly and darted in to intercept, before returning the ball 33 yards to the end zone to the delight of the 11,722 crowd.

Lawrence Tynes final kick fell short giving victory to Berlin
Hart’s PAT was good and suddenly the Claymores were threatening to pull away as they went 23-10 in front.

Thunder’s World Bowl hopes were on the line . . . and they found a rapid response on the next drive as they worked their way patiently into the Claymores red zone. Husak eventually connected with receiver Dane Looker on a nine-yard pass to give them a crucial touchdown, with Kruse adding the extra point to make it 23-17.

The sun was shining over Hampden after early rainstorms and Whisper Goodman claimed the Claymores record for rushing yards in one game when he went to 178 yards, but there was still a cloud over Dreisbach as he threw his second interception of the afternoon.

The Claymores were in promising position in midfield when the quarterback attempted to pick out Stevan Fontana, but his pass was blocked by linebacker Jonathan Jackson and dropped into the arms of DB Lelan Brickus, who returned it to the Claymores 28 for a gain of 39 yards.

Worse was to follow as Dreisbach, clearly showing his frustration, was penalised 15 yards for a personal foul before another defensive penalty took Thunder to first and goal.

It paid off as Anthony White rushed into the end zone from a yard, with Kruse adding the PAT to give Thunder a slender lead, 24-23 with less than five minutes remaining on the clock.

Finally, James Brown was given his chance on the next drive as the Claymores sought to turn around their fortunes in a game they were winning comfortably just minutes earlier.

He could not breach the Berlin defense . . . and it was left to Lawrence Tynes to attempt to salvage the game for the Claymores but his 54-yard field goal attempt fell short.

Claymores Slay the Dragons and Claim Historic Victory

FC Barcelona Dragons 24 Scottish Claymores 27
The Scottish Claymores ended their NFL Europe League campaign on a high with their first ever win at FC Barcelona Dragons.

Lawrence Tynes kicks the field goal that give the Claymores their first ever win in Catalonia
The Claymores had not won at the Estadi Olimpic in seven attempts going into their Week 10 match-up, but clinched a historic victory in the last ever NFL Europe League game to be played at the magnificent Montjuic venue, with the Dragons moving to the mini Nou Camp next season.

The Claymores bagged three touchdowns, two from Whisper Goodman and one from Stevan Fontana, and Lawrence Tynes hit two field goals, including a 38-yard effort in the final quarter that was to prove crucial.

The game was also a triumph for quarterback James Brown, who moved the ball freely and linked frequently with his receivers which, combined with Goodman’s rushing threat, gave the Claymores crucial yardage to win the game and finish the season 5-5.

The Dragons end the campaign with a disappointing 2-8 record, but they helped serve up a thriller in the sun as both sides traded points almost at will in a game that was not settled until the final 40 seconds when james Rooths picked off a pass to give Claymores possession as the Dragons went all out for the touchdown that would have given them the game.

Lawrence Tynes kicked off for Scotland and the ball was returned to the 24, but sturdy Claymores defense forced the Dragons to punt after their first series.

JJ Moses signalled a fair catch on the Claymores --, allowing the offense to go to work in the first quarter for the first time this season under the guidance of James Brown.

Herbert Goodman runs into the endzone untouched for one of his two touchdowns on the day
The quarterback could not have hoped for a better start as he led the Claymores to a touchdown on their very first drive.

Whisper Goodman, clearly keen to finish the season as top rusher, brought up a couple of first downs on the ground, but Brown also connected on the pass with receivers Scott McCready and Kwame Cavil, both for 16 yards.

Goodman then rushed the Claymores into first and goal and completed the drive he had started by rushing into the end zone from one yard, with Rob Hart’s PAT good to give the Claymores a 7-0 lead.

However, the Dragons responded on their very next drive to level the scores by the end of the first quarter.

Quarterback Ted White took his side into the Scotland red zone in seven plays before picking out receiver Dane Flowers from 19 yards in the end zone, with Jesus Angoy adding the PAT to level the scores.

Yubrenal Isabelle returned the resultant kick-off to the Claymores 42 - and the offense made full use of their field position as they successfully launched their bid to get back in front.

Brown, on the 39 yard line, picked out McKenzie in the middle and he pulled in the pass before scampering to the Dragons’ one-yard line.

Goodman tried unsuccessfully to rush the ball into the end zone on the next play, but the touchdown was delayed only moments as Brown stepped back to connect with tight end Stevan Fontana from two yards, with Hart’s kicking the etxra point.

There may have been nothing to play for in terms of the World Bowl, but both sides were certainly serving up brilliant entertainment for the noisy crowd in the Estadi Olimpic, including a couple of dozen visiting supporters who were lapping up the sun, the sight of which has been so rare in Scotland recently.

Stevan Fontana celebrates his second touchdown catch of the season against the Dragons
The Dragons gave third choice quarterback Mike Watkins his chance in the second quarter – and he immediately showed what he could do, launching a 61 yard bomb to dangerman Flowers.

Cornerback James Rooths tried to desperately to haul him to the ground, but Flowers wriggled free to the end zone for a mighty score, with Angoy levelling at 14-14 with the PAT – and there was still half of the second quarter remaining.

However, Scotland were to have the last word as the second quarter drew to a close when they took the lead for the third time in the game – and again it was Goodman, given outstanding protection by the O-Line, who grabbed the touchdown.

Passer Brown, playing with so much confidence, connected with McCready and Cavil again for big gains as Scotland took the ball to first and goal with less than a minute remaining.

From six yards he again passed the ball off to Whisper and the O-Line parted the Dragons defense, allowing the running back to dart into the end zone for his second touchdown, with Hart’s PAT again good to give the Claymores a 21-14 half-time lead.

Unsurprisingly, it proved impossible to match the explosive start to the game when the Dragons kicked off for the start of the second half, with the shadows covering the far touchline at long last offering the Claymores bench some protection from the sun.

The initial exchanges were scrappy as both sides swapped punts, though the Dragons hauled themselves closer to the Claymores with a 32-yard Angoy field goal that made the score 21-17.

However, where they were trading touchdowns in the first half, now it was field goals – the Claymores responded early in the fourth quarter with a 45-yard effort from kicker Lawrence Tynes that split the posts.

James Brown evades the Barcelona pass rush
Unfortunately, they did not hold their lead long as the Dragons once again breached the Claymores defense, with a touchdown tinged with frustration for the visitors.

The Dragons advanced to first and goal but as they tried to find their way into the end zone they found their path blocked once, twice, three times by a wall of white shirts.

Dragons coach Jack Bicknell passed up the opportunity to put three points on the board with a field goal by gambling fourth and short, and it paid off when Ted White stepped back and connected with tight end Ben Zagorski in the end zone from three yards.

The Claymores tried hard to respond, but their touchdown chances were thwarted on the fringes of the Dragons’ red zone, though Lawrence Tynes kicked a crucial 38-yard field goal to give the Claymores a slender lead with less than two minutes remaining.

However, the Claymores did themselves no favours when they allowed Derek Homer to return the ball to their 48-yard line, yet suddenly the Dragons began to lose their nerve.

Firstly, they were forced to recover a fumble, then Ted White was hounded out the pocket and sacked by Jarrett Procell.

White decided to go long in an all or nothing effort, but his pass for Carlos Rosado was picked off by James Rooths.

And with only 40 seconds remaining Brown twice dropped to his knee to record a memorable victory.