Scottish Claymores

The Scottish Claymores were a professional American football team playing in Edinburgh and Glasgow between 1995 and 2004. They were part of the NFL Europe league, a European league set up and run by the NFL. While the team may no longer be playing, there is still a large following who remember the team with fondness. It is only fitting that the team is still represented online.

This photo-led capsule site was built to replace the final news-focused site. Its purpose is to highlight Mobdro Download the games the Claymores played over the years and the players who committed to the Claymores fortunes.

Every game from their 10 seasons is covered in a simple site design that is simple to navigate. Also included are statistics and player rosters.

Fans of the team are directed to a Facebook page where they can connect with fellow fans and share memories of the many good times shared at Claymores football games.