Udakka Ltd

HR consultancy Udakka Ltd was looking to redesign their web presence in order to modernise the look and feel. The site is to be an online entry point to the services the firm can offer. To that end, it needed to be compact, bite-sized and easily accessible. In effect, it is an expansion of the firm’s business cards.


The focus for this site was to make its design striking, yet easy to access. A fixed width design was chosen, to ensure that the site appeared as close to identical on as many machines as possible. The design was loosely based around the firm’s business card design, with a striking Udakka logo.

Simple navigation through the content was added, to complement the content panels. The font was selected to be easy on the eye and large enough to be comfortable to read.

Selecting an image for the background of the site proved challenging without the image dominating. Many images were tried, Mobdro Download and the selected image had a number of filters applied to ensure it enhanced the content rather than detract from it.

At the same time as the redesign, it was decided to upgrade the content management system the web site was running on. A new installation of WordPress was used which gave the flexibility to add more functionality to the site, and makes updating the site simple for staff.